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28th > April > 2011 Archive

Middleware hotshot to bake biz-friendly apps

Magnet Systems exits stealth with big backers

PlayStation Network credit cards protected by encryption

User passwords? Not so much

Yahoo! Finds! Buyer! For! Doomed! Delicious!

YouTube founders grab a tasty morsel

YouTube to launch paid video-on-demand service

Studios on board, reports claim

Open source Hadoop engineers may spin off from Yahoo!

Hooligans could birth stuffed elephant startup

US Supremes deal death blow to class action lawsuits

States' rights turned on their head

XSysInfo memory manager

iOS App of the WeekPeek under the iOS bonnet with this diagnostic app

PSN hack triggers lawsuit

Sony sued over data loss

Footy coming to mobiles next year

Telstra to broadcast Aussie rules on mobiles, T-Box, maybe even on broadband

Farewell, Novell

$2.2bn Attachmate buy done and dusted

Online PVR goes live in Australia

Beem ends beta

PayPal pushes eBay earnings

Sticking to its knitting

Royal guests free to tweet and hang out with Facebook friends

Ain't no jammin' goin' on

More than one way to build a cloud (and there always will be)

CloudFeel the fabrics

Nikon image authentication system cracked

So obviously Photoshopped

Departments reveal mobile device spending

Defence splurged £6.6m on 45,000 'devices' and data services in 2009-10

Latvian hack's hack story leads to hack-hacking

'Don't try jumping higher than your own...'

Targeted phish frags XBox gamers

UpdatedMicrosoft warns Modern Warfare 2 players not to eat the 'subtle' phish

Beyoncé sued over aborted videogame deal

Crazy in litigation

The Sandy Bridge Hackintosh

Run Mac OS X on Intel's new Core i

Panasonic pledges big job cuts

35,000 fewer staff

Alcatel gets free and easy with OpenPlug

New parent less protective of dev platform revenue stream

Revealed: Secret security plan should Kate leave Wills at the altar

'Operation Pumpkin' prepped for royal runaway bride scenario

Apple bags domain for $4.5m, says report

iRain down data centre sleet on you

Sony brings Skype to Bravia HD TVs

Remote interest

Guardian shuts local blogs

Future's not so local after all

Atlantis promises to flush out VDI I/O bottlenecks

Says ILIO will stop your virtual desktop sinking

Huawei smacks ZTE with patent and trademark lawsuits

UpdatedChinese whispers on foreign turf

Robot moon lander airship test enhanced by iPhone app

In Mountain View. Organised by a search guru, actually ...

Rackspace backtracks over toff-proof sign-up process

Royals, aristos excluded by double-barrel discrimination

Pads propel PC market growth

Q1 shipments jump matched by tablet numbers

Russian security start-up kits up 30,000 state bank ATMs, terminals

Creating cash from chaos

Japanese quake flattens Fujitsu's homeland sales

Chip, system sales up thanks to Kei supercomputer

Ubuntu 'Natty Narwhal' breaks the surface

Canonical goes live with 11.04

Google sued over – yes – Android location tracking

Like Apple. But not like Apple

Aus convergence review kicks off

Ex-'Project Kangaroo' guru joins team

Mobile Active stung for Bieber fraud fever

Fined $225k for dodgy ads

Microsoft profits soar 31% on Office, Xbox

Windows on the wane

Australians believe good things about the Internet

Net users describe themselves as left-leaning law-breakers ... or not

Foxconn staffers cuffed for leaking iPad 2 design in 2010

Don’t mess with Apple’s IP

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