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26th > April > 2011 Archive

Hulu eyes Down Under (again)

Are broadcasters ready to play?

Boffins devise way to hide secret data on hard drives

Technique evades forensics investigations

Itanium's future: Users believe Intel, not Oracle

Server 'battle royale' on the horizon


Android App of the WeekMake yourself understood to Johnny Foreigner

Mellanox uncloaks SwitchX network switch-hitter

Chip turns InfiniBand, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel triple play

App-stores-in-the-enterprise kit spans Apple iOS and Android

The names are AppCentral

Coder Android tablet love on (a bit of a) wane

Googasm falling

Sony unwraps Android 3.0 tablet pair

iPad rival and a palmtop too

MS now issuing security advisories about third-party Windows bugs

New caretaking role for the ecosystem

Yahoo! buys! TV-sharing! startup! IntoNow!

'Why is everything here completely pointless?', asks Mike Teevee

Man arrested wearing hair scrunchie on short and curlies

My pants? They must have been taken

Iomega Home Media Network Cloud Edition 1TB drive

ReviewMade for sharing

Apple Square sallies forth from stores

iPhone banky box is go. Bothered?

Oracle chief bean-counter mysteriously quits database giant

Software maker drags the Catz in to replace him

Five amazing computers for under £100

Old-school gizmo gladhandling to cure the bank holiday bores

Motorola pushes laptop-dock Android phone at Brits

Express your interest

Computer glitch opens un-staffed supermarket to happy Kiwis

Dirty dozen go wild in the aisles without self-scanning

Dell waves its Boomi at large back-ends

Madam, I'm AtomSphere

2011 Ford Focus

ReviewHi-tech hatchback

Three adds iPhone 4 to unlimited data package


Chinese mapping hotline stays cold

Not a single call to snitch on shifty mappers

End of the line for mechanical typewriters

Pesky PCs put paid to print purists

Pillar pillages SPC-1 benchmark

Er, where is EMC?

Airborne killer robot destroys Libyan anti-aircraft missile

AnalysisAnother nail in the coffin of the combat jet

Vintage flying car offered at auction

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang up for grabs

Golden Gate swallows up Lawson Software

ERP vendor set for extensive integration with Infor

US smartphone market goes Google

Android grabs lion's share of installed base, recent purchases

Homer talks TomTom through iPhone app

Mmmm.. Little Chef

Google and Facebook tool up for coupons fight

Chocolate Factory targets world's biggest fungus

Force10 cranks Ethernet switches to 40 Gigabits

Will hit 100 Gigabits this year

China gently chides Baidu over deep-linking MP3 naughtiness

Artist Punishment unknown

'Anti alpha' mirror-matter made from gold in atomsmasher

Shuttle Endeavour mission 'may find antimatter worlds'

Amazon algorithms price bio book at over $23m

Drosophila melanogastic cockup

IBM bumps up dividend – again

More financial – not computer – engineering

Boffins pull plug on SETI alien-seeking antenna array

With no funds in coffers, ET searchers let go

Dropbox snuffs open code that bypassed file-sharing controls

'Torrent successor' Dropship drop-kicked

NASA Nebula cloud spans nine space centers

Open source floats

Cops raid man whose Wi-Fi was used to download child porn

The risks of open wireless and the sleuths who use it

Amazon: Some data won't be recovered after cloud outage

Post mortem wait

Freebie SMS day for suffering Vodafone customers

Don't pay for what you already don't pay for...

User data stolen in Sony PlayStation Network hack attack

Poorly secured system to remain offline

Feds finger China in wire fraud

Where phishing victims’ money goes

Amazon refudiates Apple 'app store' trademark suit

Quotes Steve Jobs in defense

Note to Mozilla: We don't get the Firefox billboards

Open...and ShutValue trumps virtue

Super Micro preps hopes for 'Sandy Bridge' Xeons

Blades, storage, GPUs selling well, but systems slow

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