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25th > April > 2011 Archive

Introducing the biggest storage company you've never heard of

CommentUIT leaps Great Wall of China

Apple seals $66bn in Jobsian wallet

Brother, can you spare a dividend?

How I learned to stop worrying and love SSDs

An upgrader writes ...

That's the frequency, Kenneth

Compo answers, and some form of explanation

Cyberwarriors on the Eastern Front: In the line of fire packet floods

InterviewFormer senior Estonian defence official talks cyberwar

Nintendo confirms Wii 'successor'

Out next year

Amax moves from HPC clusters to cloud stacks

Half-rack private cloud for SMBs

WikiLeaks releases classified files on Guantánamo Bay

Secret docs on 779 prisoners

White iPhone 4 spotted, 'shipped to Apple stores'

Fanbois eye smooth creamy flesh

Iron Mountain caves in to investors

Stockholders appeased

Apple component lock-ups jump 40%

$11bn in commitments leave a mere $55bn to play with

Son of AV tycoon rescued following 'stupid' kidnapping

Ivan Kaspersky safe and sound

HP ProLiant power supplies 'may die when dormant'

Failover conundrum

NetApp not hiring European Engenio staff

Unwanted staff left with LSI

Vodafone AU falls on Easter Sunday

Network down, carrier crucified

Iran says it was attacked by second computer worm

'Espionage virus' targets country's networks

Apple sued over iPhone location tracking

'We don't track anyone,' says alleged Jobs email

Amazon gets 'F' for communication amidst cloud outage

CTO's distributed computing pal analyzes EC2 failure

Sony unsure if PlayStation Network user data was stolen

'External intrusion' probed as outage enters day 5

Cirtas dumps staff and retreats

Cloud storage supplier faces storm

Google and friends wrap open video codec in patent shield

Sixteen un-Jobsians join WebM fight

Stingy Uncle Sam dumps a Q1 loss on Unisys

ClearPath mainframes on the rise

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