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20th > April > 2011 Archive

Sinclair to leave ATUG

Ann Hurley to lead in the interim

ACCC decision cuts regulated transmission service prices

Wholesale ADSL regulation a non-starter, however

Optus signs up NSN for network upgrade

LTE on its way

Minotron: 2112 on iOS 4

iGamerBlast from the past

Sanity saver: Fedora 15 answers Ubuntu's Unity

ReviewGNOME-3 leader for desktop Linux?

Intel CEO: 'We're porting Android 3.0 for tablets this year'

Smartphones? Not until next year

Endeavour 'ready to go fly'

Last launch of shuttle on 29 April torpedoes Computacenter product revs

Continental subs relieve UK dog's breakfast

Virgin Media Q1 revenue climbs as signups fall

Plans to test 1.5Gbit/s broadband

AutoTrader crashes off the road in DDoS congestion

Sheer volume of traffic, innit

Shifty scripts on Santander site prompt security fears

UpdatedAlliance & Leicester bothered by unknown Javascript

Death threats against 'worst song ever' YouTube teen

Cops probe demand for Rebecca Black oeuvre suppression

Virgin Media says sorry over Superhub snafu

Issues yet another firmware update

Fast-fingered oldster relieves shop worker of iPhone cash

Man coughed for dummy, unmagical device

Doctor Who's Elisabeth Sladen dies at 63

RIP Sarah Jane Smith

Angry Birds hatches a plan for Easter


T-Mobile turns Facebook telco

Turning pokes into phone calls

US Army to issue Droid dev kit in July

Battle-smartphones go to war in 2013

Calling all commentards: Want some new icons?

El Reg mulls graphic front expansion

Bradley Manning to be moved to new military prison

Shifted from Marine to Army custody

Scottish news site admits coding mishap caused outage

Not DDoS at all. Oh. Ahem. Carry on

Google gives Eric Schmidt 124,999,900% salary increase

Then sets him to work interviewing Tina Fey

High Court squashes Digital Economy Act challenge

BT and TalkTalk's filesharing gambit fails – for now

Dynasty Warriors 7

ReviewThe art of score

iPhone 5 set for shelves this September

More of the same?

UK Cyber Security Challenge renewal promises better prizes

Can you hack it? brings Whitehall procurement under one roof

I'll have a 'P' please, Bob

PlayBook won't play nice with BlackBerries on AT&T

Without syncing, it's just a toy

New double-barrelled Taser unveiled

Two skeletons flashing on and off with one gun

UK retailers reveal plans to push BlackBerry PlayBook

Keep taking the tablets

.uk election called off due to lack of interest

Nominet kisses goodbye to controversy

RIPA to be changed to demand full consent to monitoring

UK drafts new amendments after accusations from EU of poor Phorm

SF fire dept lost computer password during massive blaze

'Not like we'll have internet if Big One hits'

Skilling up the cloud: What it means for infosecurity pros

Remote controls

Scientists reveal eight-legged Jurassic beast

Golden orb weaver 'the largest known fossil spider'

Google hits 'fast forward' button on WebM codec love for YouTube

Can I get a rewind?

ICO says it doesn't need to use its 'big stick'

Fewer than one in 500 breaches result in fines

VMware surfs virtualization wave in Q1

SMB expansion balances enterprise discounting

Spyeye sperm-blimp in US flight trials

Owning company changes name for third time

Intel's Xeon biz bolstered by server refreshes

Cloudy thinking on cloudy infrastructure

Tesco buys Blinkbox


iPhones secretly track 'scary amount' of your movements

Your location down to the second, researchers say

Amazon to lend Kindle books at 11,000 US libraries

Check it out

Google invites enterprise atop Google Maps, Earth

Your maps, on the Earth, in the, er, cloud

Feds rubberstamp Novell patent deal

Microsoft group will be watched

Vic Cops kill A$45M A$60M A$100M IT upgrade

LEAP to Link falls short by millions

Facebook, HP, and OpenStack join Linux patent shield

The same shield that didn't protect Android from Oracle

Apple stuns Wall Street with 95% earnings surge

'We're firing on all cylinders,' says Jobs

ARM's Intel challenger set for 2012 release

Tablets, smartphones, PCs, servers...

Engineer who sued Cisco arrested for hacking it

Collusion between Cisco and prosecutors alleged

Mozilla slips SpiderMonkey into Dev Platform of the Future™

Climbs on servers, aims war cry at Google

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