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18th > April > 2011 Archive

Whitehats pierce giant hole in Microsoft security shield

When Redmond closes a door, it opens a window

Symantec and Huawei snatch storage benchmark crown

Spinning rust pops whup-ass can on flashy stacks

Seagate to buy Samsung's disk drive biz?

And then there were three

Wind turbine farm hack exposed as hoax

UpdatedTilting at windmills

Redaction FAIL: Dull nuke sub document revealed in full

Full text sat in Google cache for months, nobody noticed

SCHEITERN: Scientologists want to friend schoolkids on Facebook

German gov says Nein as 'church' tries to reach children with social media

UAE looks to block BlackBerry mail, again

Targeting the little people

Yahoo! jacks data retention from 90 days to 18 months

Extra-private! Super-transparent!

Dropbox polishes iPad practice with patch

Put it on the tab

Royal Navy hacker claims to have broken into space agency site

Paris, we may have a problem

Asus N73SV Core i7 Sandy Bridge 17.3in laptop

ReviewDesktop replacement with B&O audio

Microsoft opens Office 365 beta floodgates to the world

Raises roof on marketplace

UK is fifth free-est nation on the internet

At risk of relegation to 'Partly Free' status

Citroën lifts lid on looming diesel hybrid

Lax on tax

HP prepping Spotify-like music service for iPad-killer?

Rumours of cloud music and offline storage for new WebOS tablet-touchers

Pope says gravity proves technology can't supplant God

Baits physicists, Colombia warmongers

EU Data retention directive 'flawed, unlawful'

Lib Dem and digital rights group have privacy gripes

Officials scoop up bacteria bubbling away in Playboy hot tub

Possible cause for Domainfest outbreak

Oracle tests find NFC lags in execution

Just wait a sec, or two

Virgin hits 3D screens with fresh range of flicks

No need to splash out

Police head-cam TV show debuts in US

Nice beating, Lance. Hey, is this on? Sh*t

UK net banking website falls flat on its bank

Nationwide BS site isn't, again

EMC Avamar gets jiggy wit Data Domain

Let's dedupe together

El Reg buried under unmade sci-fi movie entries

Thanks for your numerous nominations

Leaked US cables finger Chinese army hackers for cyber-spying

Byzantine Hades

Semi sales air-kiss $300bn in 2010

Best year in history

Hauppauge offers global vision with Broadway 2T

Tech tonic for travelling telly addicts

Yahoo! Buzz! Given! Mercy! Bullet!

Digg-alike topples into self-dug grave this week

Tim Berners-Lee: Coalition mustn't be 'lazy' on open data

W3CCheaper to store data publicly, says GLB

Blighty's Skylon spaceplane faces key tech test in June

Helium pre-cooler vital for SABRE airbreather rocket

European Space Agency plays down hack impact

Crucial alien files remain nonexistent

Westminster Abbey cashes in on Royal Wedding with ... App

One for the Reg demographic

'Fierce competition' drives Apple's iPhone 6 changes

iPhone 5 in 2011: 'slight modifications"

Google to close pre-YouTube Video service

Last of the first picture show

Bull, SGI tag team on Japanese nuke petaflopper

A whole lot of Sandy Bridge bullx

Iran lays blame for Stuxnet worm on Siemens

SCADA maker 'provided the enemies' with help

Apple smears Web2.0rhea across online support

Talk of future products forbidden

Microsoft's Word fight opens in US Supreme Court

Argues for lowered burden of proof

Lawsuit targeting RockYou data breach gets green light

Personally identifiable info has inherent value

HP quietly revamps ProLiant SL hyperscale servers

'We don't beat our chest'

Apple sues Samsung over Galaxy look-and-feel

The battle of 'rounded corners'

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