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14th > April > 2011 Archive

Huawei to forge big red Itanium iron

Inspur goes Itanic too

360 Browser

iOS App of the WeekThumb from page to page, literally

Asus Eee Pad tablet-cum-netbook ship date slips

Pre-order punters advised of long delay

Dixons' best chance? Quit the UK and move to Sweden

When rent is greater than profits...

US Marines splurge on Brit troops' armoured pants

Blighty's ballistic lunchbox tech impresses Yanks

Samsung SuperSpeed drives out next month

USB 3.0 HDDs, anyone?

Oregon legislators salute Rick Astley

'Never gonna give you up', promises House of Representatives

Viking Modular plugs flash chips into memory sockets

Not a DIMM idea at all

Sony Ericsson posts Android bootloader unlock code

Open up your Xperia

Everything Everywhere accused of lining pockets with charity cash

Just covering costs guv'

O2: Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone ready to go.... almost

New code quashes bugs, but not all of them

When information sharing goes wrong

WorkshopTrust in the supply chain

Fujitsu £2bn broadband project throttled at both ends

Needs £500m from public purse, and for BT to get real with pricing

Sony Pictures opens wallet for Bond 23

Co-financing deal for 007

French hacker cuffed after bragging on telly


White iPhone 4 out by month's end

Wait over?

Spotify throttles free listeners

Puts on a shrinking cap

Apple cloud strategy changes with the weather

Looking to recruit cloud engineers... or not

Supercomputer simulates neutron star-black hole SMACKDOWN

Datura will measure crashing waves of space-time

OFT probes extended warranties

More bad news for Dixons

Mozilla rejigs Firefox release schedule in nod to Google's Chrome

Channelling browser energy online

Victorian cops collar camera cooker

Thousands of infringements altered

Research scientist: Cloud is good for IT pros

Skilling up

WTF is... 4K x 2K?

What, Full HD not good enough for you?

Obama gets personal V-22 Osprey tiltrotor

Plane-copter combocraft take on 'Marine One' role

Dell flings Froyo tablet at Brits

Seven-incher to take on Galaxy Tab

Free Libyana: Gadaffi networkjacker speaks!

Abushagur tells The Reg how he nabbed a network

Fired-up eco-boffin gives it '180 per cent'

Leaves 110 per cent footballing lads sick as a parrot

Winfrasoft touts pattern-based password alternative

Sudoku for secure remote access

NetApp becomes Quantum reseller

For StorNext

Whatever happened to ... website-blocking?

Hunt received Code months ago, and stalled

Lads from Lagos pop up in Libya

GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to trouser vast wad of wonga

Apple's 'Do Not Track' feature goes on Safari

Never eat yellow snow

Belgian ISP does not have to filter out copyright-infringing traffic

European Court of Justice advisor says it would violate users' rights

German prangs dad's £275k supercar

225 mph Gumpert Apollo a total write-off

Iron Mountain dislodges CEO

Bob Brennan goes

Everything Everywhere stops plundering the charity box

Enter the repentant villain, stage left

Google native code browser plug-in gets tickled

It's like JavaScript without the JavaScript

Serial hacker admits breaching Federal Reserve computers

Faces 10 years in slammer

Dell uncages Xeon E3 servers for SMBs

Homegrown PowerConnect switches

HP price tag could nix Marrickville council's 'Israel boycott'

Too costly to replace computers?

Australia might need the NBN, but the OECD data is meaningless

International broadband measures run wide but not deep

Meet Dell, your internet service provider

The Small Partial Switch

Google cranks ad money machine to $8.58bn

Page presides over 27% leap

Kogan hits 'net-on-TV', Android, Ubuntu markets all at once

Tablet price smackdown

Five cuffed over $37m heist of Google flash chips

'Largest chip heist in Silicon Valley history'

Sex harassment case hits IBM Australia

Verbal and physical claims

Silverlight's star shines in Microsoft's HTML5 show

Happiness is a Kinect-steered armchair

Canonical delivers second Natty Ubuntu beta

UpdatedEaster's no time for an RC

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