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13th > April > 2011 Archive

Microsoft struck by HTML5 commitment phobia

Silverlight, I wish I could quit you

H2O water-powered shower radio

ReviewPump out the volume

Report reveals patchy ICT provision in schools

Most schools have made their own decisions on tech spending

Vodafone, Three to offer hyped-up HTC handset

'Multimedia superphone', apparently

iPad maker goes Brazilian

Cost-trimming for Taiwanese giant

NASA hands out second-hand shuttles

Orbiters' final homes announced

Paramount to recount The Martian Chronicles

Eyes film version of Ray Bradbury's Red Planet tales

DARPA aims to make renewable power practical at last

At Afghanistan combat bases, anyway

Libyan network hijacked for rebel cause

Dial 'R' for Rebel

Russian Vostok capsule sells for $2.9m

Big bucks for big piece of space history

UK still to ratify Euro Cybercrime pact ten years on

A decade of European cybercrime sort-of cooperation

Fujitsu promises rural UK 1Gbit/s - if it gets 'fair deal' from BT

Show us your cash, not public funds, sniffs telco giant

Wii price cut coming

Quarter off, it's claimed

M&S whips out carbon-neutral bra

Hugs your jubs and the planet

LG Optimus 2X dual core Android smartphone

ReviewTalkin' fast

UK is 15th best place in the world to do IT

Still better than France, though. And Australia

BBC engineers see PLT knocking out DAB

Radios go silent as the data flows

TrustDefender debuts web-page fingerprinting in bank fraud fight

First dabs

Facebook fixes Hotmail reset bug

Mystery flaw is repaired

RadioShack gun giveaway: A clarification

Nothing to do with us, say satellite TV outfit

Elgato outs Wi-Fi TV tuner for iDevices

Freeview on the move

Cloud on a chip: Sometimes the best hypervisor is none at all  

CloudDéjà vu all over again


Marijuana causes, uh, climate change

Framework flotilla tackles VDI

Desktop management by the book

MYSTERY of huge Canadian chicken-shed EXPLOSION

NO CHICKENS were present, Mounties rule out fowl play

Motorola and Huawei hug and make up

Multiple hatchet-burial

Web2.0rhea browser axed

Flock user distraught

Help! I'm in an abusive relationship with my supplier

WorkshopLet's talk about it

Project Ceylon – Red Hat builds Java killer replacement

Coder says Java crap at user interfaces

Schooner beefs MySQL appliance with active clusters

Replication timing is everything

Microsoft breaks own world record for IE nonsense

'Native HTML' pitch sets new standard for online balderdash hack exposes confidential code

Multiple servers rooted

Microsoft Phone man offers guarantee-free glitch pledge

MIX 2011Phones are harder than PCs - who'da thunk?

Middle East questions get under RIM boss’s skin

Interview ends when talk turns from products to security

Earthquake emergency drives Kiwi copyright bill

Three strikes and your city gets reconstructed?

Microsoft reveals WinPhone 7 'Mango' details

Faster, more open, less battery suckage

Intel on Itanium: 'It's all about the OS'

'Poulson' in 2012. For sure

Feds commandeer botnet, issue 'stop' command

Notorious Coreflood gets dose of own medicine

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