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12th > April > 2011 Archive

Adobe warns of attacks exploiting critical Flash flaw

Patch coming, but you'll have to wait

IBM juices Power7 chips for midrange workhorse server

Intel counterpunch

Panasonic beefs up 3D video camera

Older brother set for space shot

HP opens app fluffing school

Cloud lessons for the enterprise

Nissan Leaf electric car

First LookThe e-car for the rest of us?

Can Bing ride IE and WinPho to Google triumph?

Microsoft's mobile hope

Facebook photo-tagging trick used to lure emo kids to survey scam

Clickjack ruse targets melancholy Twihard teens

US lawyer's email not creative enough for copyright protection

Judge Dolly Gee says man sought lawsuit in bad faith

Space flutes salute Yuri Gagarin

Jethro Tull meets the ISS


Android App of the WeekCum on feel the noize...

Second Call of Duty: Black Ops mission pack out next month

PS3 players will have to wait, though

Facebook twins lose court case

Porn-loving judge says no

HPC SAN whiz moves into files

DDN's NAS Scaler

Cloudera cranks out fresh Hadoop distro

All stuffed elephants in one

Ozaki iCoat Bubble iPhone 4 case

Txt TakeFly's eyes style protection

Nvidia: 'old' tablet development kit won't get Android 3.0

No Honeycomb for Harmony

Amazon splatters ads to cut Kindle price

It's what the Whispernet was built for

Security researcher warns over Dropbox authentication security flaw

Knitted in insecurity

NASA hangs bunting for shuttle anniversary

30 years since Columbia first took to the skies

Upgrade-hungry office drones ponder PC prangs

Shame they never actually start smashing...

Nokia gets touchy-feely with two new Symbians

A brilliant business QWERTY, and a Gothic nightmare...

Wacom joins the iPad pen party

Turns your fondleslab into a scribble pad thing

UK PC sales plunged in Q1

Tablets, yes; netbooks and notebooks, no

Indonesian anti-smut MP caught ogling filth

Parliamentary sex vid outrage

'I own half of Facebook', says New York fuel salesman

It's my book of face too... bitch!

Ten... 40-42in net connected HD TVs

Product Round-upNext gen tellies you’ll want to own

App streaming vs installation: what's best when

DesktopOnly one way to find out. Fight!

iPhone 5? You might be waiting till 2012

Apple might slide latest fondleslab into anno altero

Avast alert finds WHOLE WEB malign

Evil is everywhere!

Red Dwarf to blast off on new adventure

Original cast on board for fresh series

Indie music scores class action victory

Trade the cash for the beef for the body for the hate

Quantum automates tape media checking

Will use LTFS in future

Virgin preps step-down Tivo box

Cheaper, 500GB DVR in-bound

Mummy, mummy, there's a nuclear monster!

Go back to BED! No more stories from Auntie Fear for you

Cisco shuts Flip

Popular camcorder line canned

Cisco Flips consumer unit out with trash

John Q Public is an adjacency too far

World pays tribute to Yuri Gagarin

Let's go!

Microsoft promises not-quite-as-much Street View


PARIS team raises pint to Yuri Gagarin

Heroic Playmonaut toasts fellow space pioneer

VMware open sources Microsoft Azure killer

'Development cloud' kit set free

Android, Steve Jobs, and Apple's '90%' tablet share

Open...and ShutXoom and gloom in Android land

Opera embraces Google's open source JPEG killer

GPEG speeds Turbo engine

Oracle vs HP+Intel: Wassup?

Dead Parrot or Living CPU?

Microsoft cranks out Internet Explorer 10 preview

MIX 2011IE9 still warm

Oracle, Fujitsu goose Sparc M3000 entry box

Sparc64-VII+ on the down-low

Office workers: 'The best way to upgrade a PC is to smash it'

One in four desk jockeys prefer upgrade by sledgehammer

HP juices desktop and mobile workstations

1 billion colors, no waiting

Exploit-wielding boffins go on free online shopping binge

World's biggest e-commerce sites wide open

Microsoft floats fresh code for Azure

MIX 2011.NET and open source faithful called to cloud

Novell rolls up last service pack for SUSE Linux 10

Extends security, critical patch support to a decade

Google admits Android 'both open and closed'

Roll over Gene Amdahl

Embrace chaos, beat pirates... buy my book, says Mason

Freetards will save the future, claims author

Writers sue Huffington Post for back pay

Arianna Huffington, the 'robber baron'

AdBlock Plus man disputes Mozilla add-on tests

Slow Firefox startup list pared

Ex-Microsoft man charged with scamming Ballmer and Co

Redmond Binged for $450,000, feds say

Equinix to host new traders’ exchange

Chi-X bound for Botany Mascot

Updates galore in Microsoft's biggest ever Patch Tuesday

Relief for critical 0day bugs

AMD backs USB 3.0 on desktop and laptop chipsets

First wafer baker on board

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