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11th > April > 2011 Archive

How is SSL hopelessly broken? Let us count the ways

AnalysisBlunders expose huge cracks in net's trust foundation

Adobe speeds Creative Suite releases to catch tablets

Aims at iOS, Tablet OS, Android

Bruised Iron Mountain gives up on storage cloud

Gartner gives game away

Leicester unloses key data

Lost USB found in a lunch box

Icelandic todger museum acquires human hampton

Local chap makes generous donation

'Thickest burglar' leaves passport at scene of raid

Police crack case in 'seconds'

Phones 4U gets first dibs on white LG 3D phone

Android-based autostereoscopic Optimus

Brits won't get PSP price cut, says Sony

Exchange rate machinations

Duke Nukem Girls give it some on video

NSFWPre-release tease

UK mobile punters get swift network switcheroo ability

Still a major faff, though

Corrupt bank worker jailed over Trojan-powered tax scam

Funneled £3.2m through bogus bank accounts

Binary dinosaur drive found alive and breathing fire

Comment28-year-old Seagate spinner, but you'll need safety specs

Nude Florida man in gunfight with police SWAT robot

VidTin cop riddled by balls-out gunman's AK47 fusillade

Capita makes grab for health reseller

£16m for tasty NHS budgets

Russians honour 65-metre fluorescent phallus

Art award for St Petersburg bridge erection

Seagate gets new global sales head

The amazing case of the disappearing Dave

Computacenter bags Apple dealer

Subject to clearance

No stranger to the moleskin trouser

StobNot around the water cooler

Apple AirPlay unlocked

AirPort Express hardware sims are go

Google calls halt on German Street View

Noseying now verboten

A fifth of Europeans can't work out how much a TV costs

And a quarter never read a contract before they sign it

Facebook 'signs' independent social network deal with Baidu

Put the needle on the record

HTC Android tablet priced up for Blighty's shoppers

HTC = Humungous Tablet Cost

Google folds Hotpot into Places

They'll be no yelping from here

Nokia E7 Qwerty slider smartphone

ReviewSymbian's last call?

Google hits 'prove we killed no Afghans' – Assange™

WikiLeaks is more accountable than democracy

Punter bags 500GB SSD, finds 128MB Flash inside

Solid Scam Drive

Gov denies special celeb NHS record treatment

Don't put your data on the stage, Mrs Worthington

Child protection website insecurity fixed

Abuse report page was unencrypted

Official iSteve biography gets 2012 release

How do you like them apples?

ZTE and Ericsson go to war over patents

I'll action you in a minute

Level 3 pays $3bn for Global Crossing

Tier 1 rival was worth $39bn back in the day

Windows 7 gets the Star Wars treatment

VidsThe Death Star was my idea

US Navy laser cannon used to set boat aflame

VidHas it caught fire yet? Choh. Put some tea on

GCHQ commits schoolboy security blunder

Now pay attention, Bond, this is the bcc button

Apple to dominate tablet biz through 2015

Tough time ahead for WebOS, BlackBerry

Teradata adds flash, denser packaging for BI appliances

More data chewing per square foot

Intel does fondleslabs with Atom 'Oak Trail'

But don't call them fondleslabs

SpyEye suspects charged over alleged banking scam

Two in court, one on bail

Isilon scale-out filers get processor boost

Big data? Bring it on

DARPA wants secure Droids, iPads, iPhones

Pentagon boffins can bear BlackBerry shame no longer

Hack attack spills web security firm's confidential data

Barracuda Networks injected with ultimate irony

Brain boffins in cortex mapping breakthrough

Mice sacrificed for Machine Brain

Microsoft accuses Google of misleading feds over app security

Google denies claims of untruth

GNOME 3: Shocking changes for Linux lovers

ReviewCleaner, simpler, button-free

Optus launches '3G at home' femtocell

Australia yawns

Overbuild threat drove NBN decision: Conroy

ABC's Four Corners summarises the history of a venomous debate

Assange™ says Guardian claims 'completely fabricated'

Also fabricates a court case

KIT buys ioko for $79.4m

Sixth acquisition this year

Sony buries hatchet with GeoHot in PS3 modding case

Jailbreaker promises no more console hacks

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