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8th > April > 2011 Archive

Mainland NBN pilot gets 12 retailers on board

ISPs flock to Oz fast net trials

iPads mooted for Qantas flight manuals

Bet cattle class still gets the 'switch off all devices' nag

Naked at 30: Osborne 1 stripped to its chips

PhotosHe ain't heavy. He's my TV typewriter

Larry Page to Google staff: Your bonus is tied to Facebook envy

Social media strategy at the point of a gun

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

ReviewBricking it

Facebook's open hardware: Does it compute?

CommentOpen hardware is not open source

Dell offers archive product, virtualised desktop service

Extends Microsoft partnership

Networking galore at SNW Spring

BlogSpot the EMC

e-Borders snares 2,800 possible crims, 5 tons of baccy

Also 7 million cigs, claims gov

Network Rail blames Atos for downtime

Can't discuss commercially sensitive details...

Compellent has a rethink over deduplication

CommentNAS head may increase

Record Patch Tuesday with 17-bulletin bumper crop

Strap in: it's likely to be a bumpy ride

Clegg'n'Cameron seek Director of Digital

£142k for a Twitter Tsar! #cushylittlenumber

Orange offers HTC Desire sequel

Gingerbread confection available with Orange icing

Acer unveils easy access all-in-one

Designer desktop

What will we do with 600MHz?

Local TV for local people ...

Apple store kneecaps rival browser

ExclusiveBookmarklets considered harmful

Deep-space travel bad for astronauts' tickers, say boffins

Mice zapped with atom-smasher beam in risky* experiments

Google may accept government watchdog

Travel deal not going anywhere otherwise

Tie me customer down, sport

And knowing when to let go

Google CEO Larry Page makes his mark in management rejig

In through the social out door

One-armed Maine residents whip out switchblades

State Senate approval for 'emergency use'

TJX mastermind chances his arm with deep cover infiltration appeal

A Scanner Darkly-style defense

FCC gives cautious go-ahead for signal boosters

Can you hear me now?

Some top cloud tools to bash up the bus factor

CloudThe path to simplicity

RadioShack franchises go gunning for business

Free firearm for new satellite TV subscribers

Android book-scan app tames untidy tomes

Dewey Decimal System sorts your shelves

AOL's million dollar man sees 40% dip in compensation

CEO Tim Armstrong feels pain of diminishing revenue

The BBC struggles with concept of 'tech bubble'

Only bad people have bad thoughts, says Newsnight

Nokia to help WinPho outsell iOS in four years

Google - but not Android phone makers - triumphant

Technology turns us into RAGING CRACKHEADS

Study maps our addiction

Hasselblad H4D-40 Stainless Steel 40Mp camera

ReviewShiny special edition for the pros


Numbers unarguable: For pity's sake have a drink

Blackhole exploit posted on US Postal Service site

Return to sender of Spotify tainted ads pathogen

CPS: We won't prosecute over BT/Phorm secret trials

No fair cop after all

Dutch astronaut unleashes 155 mph 'Superbus'

Radical electric stretch limo concept

Asus drives out Lamborghini laptop

Pop it in gear

Stephen Fry explains... How lightbulbs work

CompetitionYesterday was Thursday, today is Fryday, tomorrow is Saturday...

Belt, braces and external security standards

The risky business of assessing the public cloud

Russian pres fumes at mystery DDoS hack

'I couldn't update my blog', Medvedev seethes

Ex-top disk dog down in the revenue dumps

Pays dividend to keep shareholders happy

Egenera hooks up with HP for server management

PAN Manager now runs on three-fourths of top blades

Facebook closes today ... NOT!

Bogus claim baits latest survey scam

NoTW offers apologies, 'regret' over phone hacks

'Our pride in our journalism remains undiminished'

Verizon iPad 2s suffer 3G blindness

UpdatedSearching? Roaming? Rebooting? Cursing

Google settles with DoJ over flight data buy

Will FTC antitrust regulators pounce?

IBM makes like Amazon with 'SmartClouds'

The enterprise and beyond

Facebook: No 'definite plans' to ARM data centers

Intel versus the massively multicores

Google woos enterprises to Android with new security offerings

Remote PIN reset comes to users

Steve Wozniak ready for return to Apple

If only that other Steve would ask

US gov mulls issuing terrorist warnings on Twitter, Facebook

The apocalypse will be tweeted

OSI fears for Linux if Novell patents land with Apple, Oracle

Judge Steve and Larry by words and deeds

Facebook's data center play sidelines Google, Apple

Open...and ShutInformation, not hardware, is the secret sauce

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