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7th > April > 2011 Archive

Popular open source DHCP program open to hack attacks

Beware of rogue meta-characters

Dell samples shrooms for server shipping

Magic mushroom packaging

Air Video 2.4.6

iOS App of the WeekPlay DivX and other video formats on your iOS device

Penguin chief: Linux patent and copyright FUD 'not relevant'

Open source angels with dirty faces

My desktop is always there for me

High availability loveliness

Europe adopts RFID privacy framework

For those who volunteer to use it

Carphone Warehouse makes Motorola Xoom cheaper

Attractive, truly unlimited data package on offer

HP suing ex-exec over secrets

No blabbing to new boss Oracle

BBC iPlayer coming to Panasonic tellies

Only new ones, though

Tosh intros small but SmartNAND chips

24nm and error correction

Wii gets customised with water coolers

Mod madness

Wind power: Even worse than you thought

But your 'leccy bill will keep going up to buy more of it

Soyuz hooks up with ISS

Three new crew members arrive at orbiting outpost

HP and Violin build Oracle Exadata killer

Can flash save the world? opens Red Tape Challenge regulation-slash website

Cameron demands deregulated ice-cream van jingles

Microsoft warns asks WP7 users to wait for the real thing

Hacked update disappears in flurry of threats

Assange gets appeal date

Last chance but one

Office for Mac 2011 SP1 calendar won't sync with Apple MobileMe

Microsoft gripes at Cupertino

Commodore USA prices up revived C64, VICs

Not the games machine its father was

Nintendo game roll-out pace plunges

Wii 2 imminent as history repeats itself

Toyota and Microsoft ink e-car deal in a cloud of telematics

Any colour you want, as long as it's Azure

Named: Ten towns with slowest mobile broadband

Not that the fastest speed is much better...

MPs criticise banks on online fraud despite declining losses

Official figures put fraud bill at £46.7m for 2010

Ofcom up for freeing more frequencies

Licencelessness spreading

BBC IT project to save £17.9m cost it £38.2m net

Slow handclaps for Siemens shambles

Welsh scientists 'barcode' native flora

DNA ID card for 1,143 species

BT reveals fibre-to-the-cabinet plans for 156 exchanges

Not so superfast, laddy

Trusteer vows to fight 'baseless' code-theft lawsuit

Keystroke cops in legal bunfight

FCC considers mandatory data roaming across the USA

Operators continue to filibuster implementations

Swedish newlyweds enjoy lively honeymoon

Cyclone, floods, bush fires and TWO earthquakes

Robo-warship sub hunter: Free DARPA crowdsauce game

Crewless Mary Celeste ghost-frigate sonar thrills

IBM paints the cloud-scape blue

Offers the works, including a standards body

Seven... SSD sizzlers

Product Round-upSpeed-boost upgrades for your laptop

Fujifilm adds touch of flash to FinePix range

Crisp and compact

Sony denies PSP 2 setback

NGP will roll out this year, firm insists

Sex Party's down-under struggles with dominant Catholic priests

Electile dysfunction cannot stand!

Dell offers prefabricated chunks-o-cloud

Coming soon: Unboxing vids for clusters. Apparently

Vatican hails hacking culture, Wikis

We're on a mission from God

Energy crisis over - for 250 years?

Lots more gas than we thought, say US scientists

Dell's vStart is only a start

Bigger, smaller, and app-specific models coming

Intel set to reveal Itanium's fate?

Stealing the spotlight from the Xeon E7

Google plans cheapo YouTube programs

More OK Go, not so Mad Men

Facebook 'open sources' custom server and data center designs

The last rule of Google 'Fight Club'

Banana-bender beer boffins drop drops for science

In search of the space brew

BitTorrent plays nice with content

Data mining, live streaming in the pipe

Australian senate slaps data retention proposals

Also proposes 'do not track' for Aussies online

Google juices Chrome OS with fondleslab smarts

Floor wax or dessert topping?

FCC forces data roaming on US wireless giants

Eat that plan

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