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5th > April > 2011 Archive

Google exec announces departure as Page takes reins

Once and future CEO 'demands long-term commitment'

NBN Co construction chief resigns

Was the contract negotiation bungled?

Facebook Comments kill web freedom

Open...and ShutBring back the trolls!

Google relocates Australian AdWords customers

We’re 'upgrading' you from Ireland to Singapore

Virally spreading scam spreads over Twitter

Twitosphere overtaken by 'Profile Spy' tweets

Marantz Melody Media music combo

ReviewAirPlay savvy stream machine

Ofcom finalises ambitious annual plan

A little less allocation, a little more action

Google may face 'broad US antitrust probe'

FTC will pounce if DoJ doesn't, says report

Floating Image

Android App of the WeekI wandered lonely as a JPEG

Anonymous hacks Sony PS3 sites

Remove your penis from this hornets' nest

SugarCRM in Jobsian Flash rewrite

HTML5 for the iPad

EMC buys NetWitness after its impressive hack smackdown

Like Viktor Kiam, so impressed with tech that it bought firm

Seagate ships slim slab of storage

As CEO succumbs to China syndrome

'Yuri Gagarin' blasts off to ISS

Soyuz launch honours first man in space

Teens who listen to music a lot are at high risk of depression

Put down the iPod, kid, and pick up a book

VMware 'buys' Mozy for its cloudy goodness

Will operate it for EMC

iPhone 4: Now with added jailbreaky fun

Windows Phone too

Real Time Information trial to begin April 2012

HMRC invites software developers, employers to take part

Desktop virt roll-outs: Upfront pain for long-term gain

How to crank up the ROI

Quick CEO change for Quantum

Cabinet reshuffle

SpyEye mobile banking Trojan uses same tactics as ZeuS

Give us your number, mate, we'll send you a 'digital certificate' ...

ICO wags finger at York council after data breach

Have you ever left personal info lying around near the printer?

Watchdog backs Top Gear in war with Mexico

Ofcom rules 'lazy, feckless' jibes 'justified by the context'

Japan 'quake hits PSP2 launch?

Sony stocks suffer

UK's Reaper flying hunter-killer fleet 'to double'

Will remain tiny compared to inventory of obsolete crap

Coalition fails business on banks, says survey


Mozilla ditches Messaging wing, eyes social webby sweetshop

Thunderbird engine drops off

Hacks arrested in phone hacking probe

NOTW phone hack probe creeps on

Get shirty with Doctor Who

Gear for groupies

Ofcom refuses to interfere on powerline networking interference

Our hands are tied, thankfully

Steven Moffat promises 'darker' Doctor Who

Kids definitely behind sofa for new season

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Android smartphone

ReviewAhead of the curve?

Russia, NASA to hold talks on nuclear-powered spacecraft

Muscovites have the balls but not the money

Nintendo trades blows with The Sun over 3DS returns

My eyes adore thee (not)

UK gov 'draws US attention' to Bradley Manning concerns

Imprisoned Wikileaks soldier insists he's not a Brit

Fired Gucci IT worker accused of tearing up network

Suits you, Sir

Wannabe baby-kisser lies on political honesty phone-in

Derby council candidate assumes false identity

iPhone morphs into pinball machine

Flippin' iOS

Facebook, Google et al grapple with France in privacy row

Complaint to hit State Council tomorrow

Dig deep! Radio asks taxpayers for blank cheque

You'll have to pay for more DAB - we can't afford it

Money mule scam offers CAPTCHA-protected malware

Small biz owners targeted by 2in1 scam

Spanish cops rush to cuff 'webcam killer'

Suspect allegedly showed wife's body to father in Romania

Riverbed speeds backups to Nirvanix storage cloud

Fast lane to the heavens

The Microsoft mobile reboot needs rebooting

MicroBiteWindows Phone 7 just isn't working

Toshiba readies 'cinema specs' 3D TVs

Toshiba World 2011Preps 40in glasses-less set too

US court boots and moots Verizon net neut suit

Open internet squabble postponed. Again

Intel charges premium for Xeon E7 scalability

Socket to me, Westmere

Microsoft's first Window 8 tablet app spotted

Modern Reader's AppX layer stripped

MythBusters: Savage and Hyneman detonate truthiness

El Reg interviews lead balloon floaters

Google Chrome to warn of malicious Windows executables

Social engineering put on notice

Intel expands 'Sandy Bridge' Xeon E3 lineup

Workstation incarnation

Burnout Crash gets PG rating

But it hasn’t been announced yet…

Facebook Data Center: If it won't run ARM, what will it run?

Zuckerberg to unmask shiny new backend

HP whips out 6 ILM products

Info lifecycle management update

Canonical kills free Ubuntu CD program

Try-before-you-don't-buy moves to cloud

Pac Fibre invites tenders for Au-NZ-US cable

Build our network, [insert name here]

US House votes to bar FCC net neut rules

The circus never ends

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