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4th > April > 2011 Archive

Australians can’t read or count

Opinion: The stupid, it burns

AMD gases up Bulldozers for Intel push back

Can Intel match 16 cores at 3.5GHz?

Australia, give up your fixed broadband!

CommentYou have nothing to lose but your twisted pairs!

AMD rejigs fab pact with GlobalFoundries

Updated32nm conjuring act

The Osborne 1: 30 years old this month

We remember the first commercial portable PC

John Barnes and Ian Rush: technology scores

Star TechFootie giants on the gadgets that top the league

Small business denounces extra red tape

Paternity and retirement changes not helping

Pacific island in royal wedding philatelic outrage

The island of Niue perforates Wills and Kate

Online car-buying firm agrees to more transparent pricing

OFT found staff got bonuses for undervaluing cars

French mayor busts overly busty bust

Embodiment of Republic boasted too much body

Telefonica creates NFC District in Madrid

Employees to enjoy taste of own dog food

Acer Android tablets priced

Pre-orders taken too

Sony CEO signals summer of tablets

Android Honeycomb on the menu

UK's oldest working telly up for sale

Picture perfect

Vodafone grabs £7bn, leaves France

Sells off French assets to Vivendi

RSA explains how attackers breached its systems

Howdunnit explained but depth of hack or what was taken remain a mystery

BT expands reach of ≤20Mbps broadband

But real-world speeds still low

Making desktop virt an easier pill to swallow

Building the business case

Supply ships used to push ISS clear of sat-smash debris

2009 Russian wipeout of Iridium bird still causing snags

Photoshopped image scam used in rogue Facebook app trap

Spreading across social network at 90,000 clicks an hour

Judge hits police with massive bill over false Operation Ore charges

Cop had 'no honest belief' in charges

Blighty's official Space Agency starts up on 1 April

Glorious, insignificant future begins today

Eminent iTrio EM7100 HDMI wireless video sender

ReviewRoom with a view

CTIA cites First Amendment protection of radiation levels

Demand the right not to speak freely

Nintendo notches up record sales for 3DS

But fails to meet own expectations

Baby Googles: The answer to the Chocolate Factory dominance?

There are alternatives. We discuss a few...

Operation Ore was based on flawed evidence from the start

ExclusiveCops raised concerns ahead of national meeting in 2003

Wanted: Nude female web coders

NSFWBucks firm offers 'warm and private' naturist environment

SGI Virident catches up with Fusion-io

Two cards instead of eight

Hydrogen powered hybrid stratocraft prangs during test flight

Special-ops comms bird built for a week 12 miles up

Attacker grabs gaming tag of Xbox Live policy director

NSFW link'Predator' reveals own IM list, Facebook account, on YouTube boastvid

Season of TV shows blown out of cloud... for good

Someone forget to tick the back-up box

UK tax system takes a little break from the interwebs

Planned outage, don't panic

Google honks Segway horn back at Viacom

Copyright law is terribly complicated – can't we just ignore it?

Net boffins plot password alternatives

CAPTCHAS, split slogans and authenticated tokens

Marvell builds gateway to the clouds

DragonFly caching HBA

Back to the Future game is now free

Only the first part, though

Commodore 64 revivalist posts prototype PC pics

Closer to production, seemingly

Apps chomp for Student Cluster Comp

SC11Sisyphus had it easy

Penguin Computing overclocks Opterons for Wall Street

Shifts Linux into extra gear

Microsoft wraps Windows 8 in Ribbon UI?

Web sync and sharing sneak in

Endeavour's swansong delayed ten days

NASA knocks back shuttle launch

Google bids $900m for Android and Chrome patent shield

The Nortel stalking horse

Attack hijacks sensitive data using newer Windows features

Mac OS X probably vulnerable too

TI acquires National Semiconductor for $6.5bn

Analog chips ahoy!

Pandora subpoenaed over privacy of iPhone, Android apps

Part of industry-wide dragnet

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