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1st > April > 2011 Archive

HP taps Google's print server in the sky

Print jobs via interwebs

Ubuntu's high-risk Linux Narwhal beta floats

Multi-touch or bust?

Ten... tech treats for mum

Product Round-upReady for Mother's Day, lads?


NSFW App of the WeekOnan the Barbarian

The Cisco Borg in your TV

An overview of Videoscape

The X-Factor goes virtually mobile, expands voting

April FoolsWe're not just a TV show now

Seagate triples up heads/platter ratio

April FoolDetermined to break out of HDD I/O trap

Official: PS3 has more fanboys than the Xbox 360 does

Installed bases compared

Labour MP says police should clamp down on online incitement

Shadow Treasury Minister David Hanson has tips for Theresa

Mobile operators ditch Tube plans

Sing hosanna!

Asus Eee Pad Transformer

Hands OnHoneycomb hybrid with docking done right?

Stock-trading teen hacker jailed again over 2nd scam

Back inside for $100k swindle attempt

London Olympics get pay-by-wave

Visa and Samsung are in, but it takes three to tango

The Register Guide to London's Silicon Roundabout Tech Startups

April FoolThe cream of the crap crop

Rikki don't lose (sight of) that number

WorkshopNavigating Sales through the morass

US gov 'transparency' websites targeted for big, fat budget cuts

Oh Mr President, you shouldn't have

Amazon Payments heads into meat space

The NFC gate swings both ways

Misty Martian volcano caught on camera

Nice postcard from ESA's Mars Express

Fight global warming with Asimov-style Psychohistory - profs

'Social decision sciences' to adjust dwindling public concern

StoneFly flies faster with Fusion-io

Flashy OEM deal

DNSSEC finally goes mainstream

VeriSign enables more secure tech on .com top-level domain

Total War: Shogun 2

ReviewThe seven thousand samurai

US Army inks $66m deal for Judge Dredd smart-rifles

'Airburst stun bomb!' 'Armour piercing!'

Sony reveals DAB+ radio range

Retro receivers

Computacenter buys into the clouds

Minority stake in collaboration firm

LG cries foul over rival's rank language

And your TVs are !!#@!!@#:# too

Oxfordshire cops switch speed cameras back on

Seventh speedy sense prompts three-point turn - but will it work?

Apple plays cloud catch-up

May delay iOS 5 to ensure it can compete

Arkansas governor spanks arse cleavage

Baggy trousers madness

Nigeria fails to enact cyber crime laws

Continue to fill your boots, miscreants!

April Fools Day's Finest

April foolTrick or... trick

Privacy group downplays Google Buzz cash grab

Unfair that outfits against Mountain View got nada, says EPIC boss

DARPA: Send limbless troops back to war with robo-arms

Brainplug cyborgs to get superhuman reaction times

Oracle and life after Larry Ellison

He has to retire some time, doesn't he?

Microsoft, Nokia, and RIM's wasted R&D billions

Open...and ShutPut the lab coats away

Google drops Schmidt for Elop, Android for WinPho 7

April FoolPage bypassed for 'good of market'

Natty Narwhal with Unity: Worst Ubuntu beta ever

ReviewNightmare KDE 4 scenario replayed

Single-patent lawsuit hits Apple, Google, Amazon, Priceline..., Expedia, Sony, Motorola, Kayak, Microsoft, Verizon...

Firefox 'Do Not Track' header wins first convert

Ad biz, er, mulls things over

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