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29th > March > 2011 Archive

Surprise! Sprint denounces AT&T-Mobile deal

Still no word from Verizon

South Brisbane residents to get FTTP ahead of NBN

Telstra exchange upgrade

IBM in A$200M broadband network win

BSS / OSS for NBN Co

Google's 'clean' Linux headers: Are they really that dirty?

When lawyers and Linus collide

My Taptu

Android App of the WeekMan is only 70 per cent water, but this app is 100 per cent news

Amazon jumps the gun on free clouds

5GB free music storage that plays on anything

Pay-by-mobile plan taps up UK consumers

Turning every high street store into a showroom

Three strikes ID fraudster jailed for 16 years

Record sentence for recidivist crook

Sony Ericsson sanctions smartphone boot loader unlocking

Pledges to provide the tools

Microsoft man riles update-hungry Windows Phone 7 users

Boo-hoos over NoDo

ViewSonic tempts with buy-to-try tablet deal

Free lunch? No such thing

Junk mail down 1/3 since Rustock botnet takedown

But Bagle does brisk business

McAfee site crawling with scripting bugs say researchers

XSS marks the spot

O2 tariff rejig bundles tethering with data

Re-introduces 12-month contract too

Judge hands $1m bill for Beatles downloads

Hits 'psycho-acoustic simulation' tech with silver hammer

Council loses £2.5m claim against Big Blue

Good money after bad

Take-Two talent call betrays Grand Theft Auto V

Sequel server

Handy radiation checker comes to iPhone


HTC Incredible S Android smartphone

ReviewTalked up?

Back to the nano-mechanical future

Nano-cantilever memory solving flash conundrum

US Navy to field full-on robot war-jets as soon as 2018

Would be the first droids to match manned fighters

Exploiting the mainframe for new workload requirements

Fully exploiting that valuable asset

Europe rules against general passenger data slurp

Why do we hand over data on every passenger?

Platform wants to out-map, out-reduce Hadoop

Teaching financial grids to dance like stuffed elephants

Praying for meltdown: The media and the nukes

CommentScience and the public lose out with TV's Hollywood disaster film obsession

Chilean clock-cooking could cause computer chaos

Millennium Bug 2: Daylight saving time apocalypse

Nokia lobs more patent claims at Apple


Europe to get space radiation-storm warning service

Solar particle-gasms expected from 2013

Citrix sprinkles apps magic on SQL, NoSQL data

Native data performance boost

Artificial leaf produces electricity through photosynthesis

Growth industry?

Google suffers further Chinese setback

Loses largest portal

Mystery hack pwns Australian government

Email cache apparently flashed

Apple plays whack-a-dev after WWDC sellout

Tickets surface on eBay, Craigslist

Cisco eats newScale for cloud control

Chambers to help those who help themselves

Google goes Instant with Commerce Search

Retailer search-as-you-type

Nintendo 3DS contains £60 in bits

Cheap as chips

Mozilla debuts Firefox 4 for Android

And Maemo too. If you care

Amazon offers dedicated servers on EC2

A cloud on the ground is fog

Beyond $1bn: Why Red Hat is a one off

Open...and ShutOpen source as a business. Not a business model

Oracle to munch ERP competitor?

Today's menu: Lawson small potatoes

New York vows review of AT&T deal

'They last thing we need is higher wireless prices'

Firefox 4 for Android shuns ARMv6 phones

And Adobe Flash too

Foxtel calls on wisdom of the clouds

New box to win back eyeballs

Sensis plans digital come back

Telstra's zombie is awake and hungry

Carriers vs cops: Australia's spectrum conundrum

New services or emergency services?

Apple's 'App Store trademark': A farce of Jobsian proportions

Only Microsoft can save us

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