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28th > March > 2011 Archive

Steve Jobs screws my wife (out of $944)

CommentWhat do you do with an iPad 2?

Quanta crams 512 cores into pizza box server

Tilera chips spotted in wild

Windows Server pushed to the super limit

SGI puts Microsoft on 256 cores

Oracle's Itanium gambit: A play for HP's checkbook

CommentOne way or another, Apotheker will pay

Dell's storage vision: From reseller to innovator

CommentFluid Data goes external

120 Underground Wi-Fi hotspots will erupt in 2012

Spewing LOLcats all over 19th century caverns ...

iPad 2 3G price-plans compared

UpdatedThree are the best

MPs now free to surf and tweet

Warned not to take debate from the Chamber to the interwebs

MoJ goes cloudy

Savvis picks up £14m

Asus prices up netbook-convertible Android tablet

Qwerty will cost you

Curiosity kills 3D Cameron cams

No Avatar remake for NASA's new Mars rover

Osborne tosses £3bn gift to the green elite

CommentWe're all in it together. But some are more together than others ...

Sony Ericsson preps Gingerbread for Xperia X10

One last Android upgrade pipelined hacked via... SQL injection vuln


Internet pioneer Paul Baran dies

Packet switching? It'll never catch on

iPad 2 tougher than iPad 1. True

Smashing revelation

Apple lands patent blow, but the slugfest continues

iPhone ban looking less likely

EU bodies schooled on ethical data-gathering

You should find out before giving up your data that it might be released

Fire-quenching electric forcefield backpack invented

Conflag stifler to replace sprinkler systems, fire hoses

Nokia talks Pure typographic cobblers

LogoWatchWhalesong heralds new 'seamless, fluid' font

Nvidia flexes Tesla muscles

Opens kimono, talks strategy

Google in mobile payments ménage à trois

MasterCard and Citigroup slip into bed with search giant

Zomm wireless leash

ReviewFor your dog and bone

Lindsay Lohan ditches her surname

Serious blow to El Reg space plane bureau

The Professionals set to abseil into cinema

Big screen outing for Bodie and Doyle

Mobile phones immobilise bones

Not just your brain you have to worry about

Comodo-gate hacker brags about forged certificate exploit

Tiger-blooded Persian cracker boasts of mighty exploits

Airship 'Sky Tugs' ordered from Lockheed for Canadian oilfields

P-791 military hover suck-blimp gets civil application

Facebook friends Obama's ex-press rep

Ready to fight regulators

Spotify apologises for tainted ad kerfuffle

Can't stop the music

HMS Ark Royal goes under the hammer

Get your bids in for some serious kit

iOS 5 falls back to autumn, say moles

Sensational September iStuff revamp? Yes please

Hosts with the mosts: Getting to grips with SLAs for the cloud

Hey baby, I’m your telephone man

eBay splashes $2.4bn for ecommerce services firm

It's entirely complementary

Composers, songwriters feel squeeze from disappearing CD

While miserable tight-fisted internet giants won't pay up

Apple confirms dev conference, but not much else

Fanboys head to San Francisco

Intel gets spanking new SSD

X25-M replacement

Kaminario drops DRAM SSD pricing drawers

Raises capacity knickers

Java daddy borged by Google

Gosling succumbs to 'road more travelled'

Apple limits Design Awards to App Store residents

You're either on the bus, or you're off the bus

Bomb threat forces Apple campus evacuation

Disgruntled fanboi phone fun?

Arista punts 10/40 GbE juice-sipper

Swift switch joins jitterless, low-latency 10GbE sibling

Oz parliamentary network breached

Unidentified finger points uncertainly at China

Vocus buys Perth data centre

Acquisition hunger mounts

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