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23rd > March > 2011 Archive

Media luvvin' tech analysts contract patent fever

Nielsen and ComScore unleash lawyers

Intel's Atom chip chief goes mobile

'Pursuing other interests'

Facebook traffic mysteriously passes through Chinese ISP

Routing cockup most likely explanation

iStunt 2 on the iPhone 4

iGamerCunning stunts

4G: What does the auction mean for the incumbents?

CommentNew generation, same four faces

South West Trains puts squeeze on commuters

'Evidence shows people prefer to travel with their elbows'

Osborne promises 'Budget for growth'

Tax break: 25m can now fill up their cars. Once. Halfway

Brian May stands up for Welsh badgers

Cull plan 'inhuman vandalism', declares Queen strummer

LG backs wireless charging for smartphones

What about phone support, LG?

BT, TalkTalk in court seeking axe for Digital Economy Act

Don't care to rat out lucrative customers

Samsung dismisses too few tablets sold claim

New models more important than the seven-incher

Facebook tells privacy advocates not to 'shoot the messenger'

You have no right to be forgotten, argues big IT

Fake Japan blackout alerts cloak Flash malware

Scumbags continue to batten on human misery

Wi-Fi body wants hotspots to override 3G

Data auto re-route tech in development

New movie gives Yuri Gagarin's view of historic 1961 mission

50 yrs of human spaceflight celebrated with ISS footage

What it takes to get your desktop back up and running

DesktopRecovery and provisioning

Tribunal rules Digifone paid bung for Irish GSM licence

'Pretending that Ireland is a functional state'

LSE media studies lecturers call for end to copyright enforcement

Power to the Freetards!

Viewsonic 3DV5 HD 3D camera

ReviewStereoscopic stills and video on the cheap

Nanotech nerds assemble überfast-charge battery

Two minutes and you're good to go

Samsung unwraps first DVR

Ready to record Freesat HD

Out of shape? Not had sex for years? Watch out

When you finally do get lucky you might DIE

Nokia C7 'Astound' in US debut - all ready for touchless payment

OK, keys, wallet, phone - I'm outta here

Budget Day: First dump from Osborne

Budget '11Says will support R&D in small firms

RUSTOCK TAKEDOWN: How the world's worst botnet was KO'd

AnalysisRedmond posse sends bot-herd cowboys a-runnin'

Channel Islands VAT loophole shut, petrol prices cut

Budget '11Dump 2 from Osborne

Capitalism killed the Martians, suggests Hugo Chavez

Red Planet was insufficiently red, evidently

Windows Phone 7 gets cut'n'paste, other tweaks in update

VidBack to the WinMo 6 future for Redmond

Nvidia rushes to ARMs

Seismic Shifts

Synology DS411slim Nas box

ReviewThe little big store

Paramount buries Dune remake

Worm-riding, sweat-drinking spice war epic on hold

Digesting the Budget: First-belch reactions

Budget '11Clarke snoozes, Miliband in ribtickling iPod insult

Ellison drops iceberg in front of HP's unsinkable Itanic

HP vs OracleOracle users rush for the lifeboats

Project managers do it with diagrams

WorkshopWhen a picture says a thousand words

Channel VAT loophole shrunk, not shut

Budget '11'Big boys' junk will still slip through' - SMEs

Mac OS X daddy quits Apple

So long and thanks for all the cats

ZeuS cybercrime cookbook on sale in underground forums

Lets non-coders produce trojans, other burglar tools

Grid storage - crafted for SMBs

Diddly griddly box slices as it stripes

LightSquared inks deal with Best Buy

Leap and Open Range too: just like a real customer list

Radioactive Tokyo tapwater HARMS BABIES ... if drunk for a year

Iodine isotope will all be gone in weeks, though

The Brangelina of Big Data: Cassandra mates with Hadoop

Open source celebrity supercouple

Rackspace accused of 'controlling' open source cloud project

Top OpenStacker: 'If you love something, set it free'

'Iranian' attackers forge Google's Gmail credentials

Skype, Microsoft, Yahoo, Mozilla also targeted

Kiwi ultra-fast net gets retail suitors

But big guns play hard-to-get

IBM wants to relieve Aussie traffic pain

Big Blue to bust bottlenecks

Auditor to Oz PM&C: Don’t use Webmail for leaks

Security spooks slap sloppy civil servants

Yahoo! answers Google Instant with streaming web search

'Google Instant was our idea. And we do it better. Really'

Ex-Sun man hails Java renaissance under Ellison

EclipseConOracle+IBM 'end Sun's dark ages'

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