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15th > March > 2011 Archive

Apple handcuffs 'open' web apps on iPhone home screen

ExclusiveThree bugs? Or three-headed App Store conspiracy?

HP promises App Store and Microsoft love in webOS world

'Our software is a thing of magic'

Data-mining technique outs authors of anonymous email

Unmasking trolls, one 'write-print' at a time

Microsoft releases IE9 for chip happy Windows world

Windows XP not included

Catch Notes

Android App of the WeekYour thoughts on all your devices

Black Ops is the best selling videogame EVER

Battlefield devs bitch-slap Activision

TorrentFreak seeking copyright report’s mysterious author

Update: Sphere Analysis report now published

Renault security boss arrested as spying claims fall apart

J'accuse. Pas

Avon and Somerset police launch online crime tracker

Site allows victims of crime to follow the progress of investigations

BT Openreach's founding father quits job

Steve Robertson out as Olivia Garfield takes on CEO role

Bogus BBC Fukushima radiation texts panic the Philippines

Thanks for that

Ofcom stamps out mobile termination fees

Down to a ha'penny by 2014

Microsoft calls time on Zune media player hardware

Even Nokia wouldn't want it

European parliament loves the Tobin tax

But if it becomes law, it's us plebs who'll be paying

Asus Eee Pad Slider

Hands OnTablet meets netbook - becomes smartbook

Fukushima update: No chance cooling fuel can breach vessels

Still nothing to get in a flap about

Facebook preps Groupon-like service

Let the coupon clone wars begin

DWP ditches Fujitsu and reappoints HP

U-turns on multi-million pound desktop deal

Russian republic in sex bomb alert

Petrozavodsk plastic pecker palaver

WTF is... cloud gaming?

Look, ma, no console!

Facebook poaches Google exec to go on M&A hunt

Engineer that, Mountain View!

Disney torpedoes Yellow Submarine

Robert Zemekis 3D remake of 1968 classic canned

HP will grow future on clouds and analytics

CommentApotheker ain't gonna buy legacy software

Network mapping: you know it makes sense

WorkshopDiagramming tools to the rescue

The stick, the carrot and the desktop virt project

Winning hearts and minds

EU copyright database could help reform the laws on orphan works

Steely Neelie wants pan-European searchable legal copyright database

Defence talks to forge EU cyberwar strategy

What are we defending against exactly?

Amazon tweaks virtual private clouds

Public and private subnets

Ubisoft reveals rock game with REAL guitars

Plucking brilliant

Seagate extends enterprise disk and SSD lines

Three in one: Pulsar, Savvio and Constellation

Avere extends FXT box for virtual stuffing

Virtualises filers, adds global name space

Three ponders big squeeze: City, duopoly, Ofcom have little sympathy

And then there were ... 3

Google wires up for wireless payments

NFC hits NY & SF in alphabet soup

Buy two tablets, stop a laptop from being shipped

Big biz to go ape for fondleslabs

F-Secure Mac security scanner bug bins benign files

Whoops! Hope that wasn't a system file

London's Olympic clock claps out

Marathon countdown ends after less than a day

MS flicks the LightSwitch for Silverlight on Azure

VisualStudio expansion gets second beta

Google splits Google Apps suite in two

Get new stuff now. Or get it when you're good and ready

EA coughs to Dragon Age II user ban 'mistake'

Restoration comedy

Assange ambushes Australian Prime Minister on live TV

Asks if she should be tried for treason

iPad 2, A5 chip, and Smart Cover strip-searched

Samsung processor and 31 magnets

Google teaches Microsoft's IE9 to love open video codec

WebM for Internet Explorer

First Facebook Hacker Cup lifted by ... Google genius

That's the way the colored ball bounces

ISP proposes independent body to police copyright

iiNet's modest proposal

Aussie TV production house takes on Apple

Lend me your ears, I’ll sing you a lawsuit

Fukushima reactor shell ruptured?

'What the hell is going on?' fumes Japanese PM

Twitter ad play chokes third-party devs

Open...and ShutMoney rules. Not freedom

Intel: 'We ate McAfee to slip security into silicon'

Down below the kernel where it belongs

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