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10th > March > 2011 Archive

Apple frees iOS 4.3 two days before iPad 2 Arrival™

First LookWants $4.99 for Xcode

Mozilla delivers first Firefox 4 release candidate

8 months and 8,000 bugs later...

Making sport of browser security, hackers topple IE, Safari

Once again

IBM rides 'third supercycle of growth'

Big Blue predicts big profits through 2015

Whitehall to puff punters: 'Hide your fags'

Shield innocent ankle-biters

PictureBox Player 1.0.1

iOS App of the WeekFilms for a fiver a month

Are SPEC file benchmarks broken?

CommentFlash versus disk

Mophie Workbook

Txt TakeAngle poise

Computacenter celebrates 30th birthday with strong results

Revs and profits up

Ofcom steams ahead with Crown rights, prepares to sell family jewels

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Amazon beefs up cloud management console

Scale up, scale down? You decide

Tearful NASA salutes space shuttle Discovery

Journey's end for venerable spacecraft

Fight Night Champion

ReviewSmack my mitts up

Ofcom says no to automatically renewed contract badness

Telcos banned from rollover contracts with leaving penalties

SHOCK research reveals Wi-Fi not as nippy as Ethernet

Shout at your hardware, not your ISP, advises study

Nintendo 3DS to get battery boost

More juice for journeys

No more WAFL waffle: NetApp changes tactics

Comment:From unified to diversified storage

Google squeezes thumbnails into mobile search

Reading search results is so 20th Century

Chickens show empathy: Official

Chilling chick torture experiment proves hens hurt too

Mobile Trojan mimics Android clean-up tool

Sneaky VXers spread infected version of security update

Illinois scrubs death penalty

Governor makes 'most difficult' decision

Microsoft cut 'n' pastes Office market boss into undisclosed role

Chris Capossela does truffle shuffle at Redmond

Microsoft Kinect faster seller than iPad, says Guinness

10m shipments break record

Chicken Little report: Sat-nav dependency spells DISASTER!

AnalysisQuango pushes 1940s tech as backup for GPS

Retailer warns anti-pirate 3DS firmware imminent

Update said to brick consoles running iffy game copies

Lady Gaga puts the squeeze on breast milk ice cream

Objects to creamy 'Baby Gaga' blend

Router-rooting malware pwns Linux-based network devices

Bad for your ELF

BT vs Sky vs Virgin

Group TestTop pay-telly providers go head to head

Spooks' secret TEMPEST-busting tech reinvented by US student

Young boffin blows gaff on mystery BAE submarine kit

VeriFone ramps up the fear factor

Apparently it's far from hip to be Square

Firefox bloke blasts Microsoft IE 9 hardware acceleration claims

So much browser war-mongering, so little time

No toys to throw from the PRAM

CommentPhase-change memory could be going nowhere slowly

Direct action group defaces Vodafone in tax avoidance protest

UK Uncut scampers all over website

Why Nokia failed: 'Wasted 2,000 man years' on UIs that didn't work

For want of a nail, the Kingdom was lost?

Connecticut suspect's 'half-ro' haircut wows web

Quite a head of hair, police mugshot shows

Tablet hype brings e-book readers a more merry Xmas

Sales up - but 2011 will be the tablet's year

PlayStation update couples console to cloud and disconnects hackers

But for how long?

HPC student cluster WAR begins

SC11Let slip the dogs of clustering

Apple security update leaves iPhone 3G users unprotected

Security FAIL

NASA aims for space tests of Mars-in-a-month plasma drive

270hp Star Wars-esque blue glow engine for the ISS?

eBay douses PHP ecommerce shop in money love

$22.5m and a 49% stake - our final bid!

Super Micro uncloaks dense Westmere-EX server

64 cores, 4 GPUs, and 2TB memory in a 5U racker

Townsville gets Smarter Cities dollars

IBM invests in a data-driven makeover

HP gets data centre fever in NZ

Rolls out plans for third data hub

Oz PC shipments still growing

Market researchers insist that not all retailing is a dead duck

iPad 2 sales kick off in dead of night

Erects 'popup store' in Texas

HP: 'Yes, we're keeping the PC biz'

Sell-off rumor squashed like bug

Microsoft compares Amazon cloud to 'horseless carriage'

The Economics (and mixed metaphors) of Cloud Computing

Microsoft drops Windows desktop virtualization pair

Skinny clients coming

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