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9th > March > 2011 Archive

Microsoft's pledges mobile open source love

Android and Apple stores failing compliance?

Google to kill Gizmo5 VoIP on April 3

Pure VoIP Google Voice under test

Facebook lets users report friends who post suicidal content

Sign of the times

Q2 motion-controlled internet radio

ReviewIt's only rock and roll...

Govt working on 'browser-based' solution for new cookie law

Cookies settings may be 'enhanced', says spokesman

Bury council considers mass outsourcing

'Increased role for the voluntary sector' too ...

Google guilty of copyright wrong

Big fine to pay in France

Anobit shipping flash stash

From Hynix to Apple with love

VMware buys WaveMaker to float casual developers' boats

I caught my first tube today... Sir

EMC blows benchmark away - again

NFS before, CIFS now

Irish distie grabs Advent

Office Supplies R Us

Mole points to April iOS 5.0 outing

MobileMe too

Samsung teases with trim tablet snap

Camera never lies, right?

Croatian brainboxes deploy calculus-based CAPTCHA

Head-scratching puzzler

iPhone lead in ad revenue generation slipping away

Europe's Androids turn on to advertising

Tesco heralds 2011 as YEAR OF ANDROID

Grocery customers favour 'droid over iPhone

Government needs to bring IT skills in-house

Easier to identify a problem than achieve change, according to committee...

Apple MacBook Pro 13in

ReviewShiny, silver Sandy Bridge system

ASA rules BT Wi-Fi service works with invisible routers

OpenZone does work - it's just a bit shy

Logitech circulates surround sound successor

Similar setup, different design

Anti-religious campaigners smack down census Jedis

'Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?'

Gwyneth Paltrow rouses Discovery crew

Singing thesp heralds last hours in space

Dentist cuffed for using lost credit card to pay for pizza

Millionaire miser cuffed

Murdoch's music pockets $77m

Has Beyond Oblivion a hope?

Man jailed after cops uncover 'crack in bum'

Halfway to a speedball

Pr0n stars to demo against .xxx

What do we want? When do we want it...

Boffin demos melon-matching tech

NSFW-ishApp snaps apple, will locate orchard

HP to put a WebOS in every PC

Platform shootout extends to the desktop

Cute download Firefox, 'treat a cub' vid downed by IE glitch

Red hot panda action, live!

Canonical pares Ubuntu down to 2 editions

Simplify, simplify

Police expert caught with abuse images

Techie gets 14 months

Honey I shrunk the chip ... now what?

Lumpy atoms

Fusion-io files for IPO

Cashing in on the flash boom

DDoS botnet attacks gold miners and wine makers

Malware with posh taste

Toyota plans major electric car roll outs

Sylvan dream machine

Angry Birds flies to Facebook

Social nestworking

The public cloud ... why bother?

Money isn't everything

Internet Explorer 9 pulls on best pants for 14 March release

'We want to make the interwebs a more beautiful place', say two grey MS men

Republicans believe in 'climate change' but not 'global warming'

Democrats believe in it no matter what it's called

Discovery glides into history

Veteran shuttle lands at end of final mission

Google juices VP8 open source video codec

Swimming poultry breed does faster encodes

Gmail auto sorts bulk mail, notifications, forum messages

Google claims high IQ for robot labelers

Microsoft to Apple: 'Oh, yeah? Well, your font is too small'

Size matters in trademark smackdown

VMware lets Apple fondleslabs tickle Windows VDI

You know you want it

Trujillo embraces his inner amigo

Leads Latino exec movement

DDoS malware comes with self-destruct payload

How to kill a zombie

Smartphones now half of Aussie browsing, says Nielsen

Kiddies will drive new tablet buys

HP lays cuckoo egg in Microsoft nest

AnalysiswebOS among the Windows

Oz governments find new use for censorship

Kill off naughty stuff? There’s an app for that…

Ingenious NetApp buys Engenio

Boss gets sweet revenge on ex-employer

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