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7th > March > 2011 Archive

Intel: 'All your clouds are us inside'

Xeon and Atom in the eye of the storm

Mozilla challenges Apple, Google with 'open' app store

HTML5 on road to recovery with Web Applications

Salmat to close city and regional call centres

Blames lost Telstra contract

Google vanishes 'DroidDream' malware from citizen phones

Android 'kill switch' flipped

Asian server sales make like a tiger

Australia throws whole pallets of servers on the barbie

NASA scientist spies extraterrestrial life

Meteorites show signs of bacteria – allegedly

HP overtakes NetApp in IDC rankings

Hitachi Data Systems catches up with Dell

Second US 'secret space warplane' now in orbit

Military minishuttle's mystery mission

We7 revamps for radio

Putting on Pandora pants

Orange first with iPad 2 sales pitch

Subsidised second-gen fondleslab coming soon

YouTube punts filth to shocked Reg readers

NSFWHot pr0n TV action

WD works on hybrid drives

Seagate expands hybrid drive offerings

Three pushes UNLIMITED data to PAYG punters

Hungry smartphones, go forth and feed

Amazon outlines Android bill of rights

Galloping away from Google Marketplace

Charlie Sheen fake filth flick powers Facebook survey scam

This one has Tiger Blood

Captain Kirk hails space shuttle Discovery

'Space, the final frontier...'

CBI demands action from Osborne

Budget hopes ahoy

BAE Systems faces 'debarment' from exporting US war-tech

Doesn't care - mainly an American firm these days

Toshiba NB500 budget netbook

ReviewA true Small, Cheap Computer at last?

Wordpress traces 2nd DDoS assault to China


Crime UK site gets 400m hits, drives down property values

Just how antisocial are hoax calls?

Punters take tech to bed, breakfast

Studies state the bleedin' obvious

Multimillionaire hires ex-NASA 'naut to work on private spaceship

Secret cheese capsule readied for manned flight

Spaniards bemoan 'joke' speed limit cut

'They're winding us up'

Chinese Twitter to double staff

Planning to make money at some point, too

Storage sale SHOCK: WD to buy Hitachi GST

Coyne's coup

RIPA changes in Freedoms Bill don't protect privacy enough

CommentChanges bring neglible improvement in privacy protection

US companies added lots of jobs last month

IT firms do their share, mostly

Sony to serve up Wimbledon in 3D

Strawberries in cinemas?

Legally binding e-documents: Germany pushes secure email option


Clear Channel turns digital billboards into 'store fronts'

Fewer adverts, more interaction

Football goal-line tracking tech delayed

Contenders fail to tickle Fifa's fancy

Alan Sugar takes hot seat at YouView

Peer inherits from Meek

NEC goes out on a limb with arm-tap gadget control

Clap trap?

Nokia washes hands of Qt

Flogs off licensing biz

Intel's vPro biz chips cross Sandy Bridge

UpdatedDesktops and laptops now, workstations soon

New 'supercritical' generators to boost nuclear output by 50%

'Not a question of if, but when' – US gov boffins

Hacker kills his own Pwn2Own bug for Android phones

UpdatedAndroid Market remote install peril remains

Obama to overhaul heinous US patent system

No more crustless peanut butter sandwiches

Google ads banned from Facebook apps

Zuckerberg plants once and future 'AdSeed'?

Shuttleworth sees fewer clouds in Ubuntu's future

'Firm decisions' needed

Skype to test advertising

From innovation to desperation?

Nine drives away from

Pimp my ride, for half a billion or so

Mobile app developer heads to the valley

Oz geek drain continues as VC cash lures MobileNation

Casual games trump meds for depression

Game dev sponsors pro-game study

Opera opens phone-agnostic mobile app store

Android. Java. Windows. Palm. Symbian. (And, one day, iPhone)

Attachmate acquisition stalls Novell's Q1

Don't blame SUSE Linux

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