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2nd > March > 2011 Archive

Opera (finally) gets hard on WebGL 3D

Three years in the hardening

Qld police warn against Windows service scam

Crooks try IQ test on banana benders

IDC: Everything but Unix on the rise

Windows, Linux, and mainframes skyrocket

Ofcom demands ISPs close 'upto' gap

Oversold much?

US Supremes trash AT&T's claims to 'personal privacy'

Ma Bell not exempt from FOIA

Apple to Microsoft: 'App Store name is not generic'

Accuses lawyer of lifting nonsense from internet

Nokia C1-01 budget voicephone

ReviewTalk is cheap

Seagate launches XP-supporting 3TB drive

Legacy software and BIOS support

Europe confirms raids on ebook publishers

Antitrust and cartel concerns

TalkTalk silenced over anti-BT comparison

ASA rejects value and price not the same argument

Government should extend agile development for IT

State could cut cost and provide better services, says govt 'think tank'

Google buys malware analysis and reverse engineering firm Zynamics

Halvar Flake takes it back to the future

Charlie Sheen explodes onto Twitter

Followers will soon match former salary

Facebook goes all a twitter with Beluga buy

Poking is so over

Ford CEO talks up the future of electric cars

InterviewAlan Mulally speaks out on platforms, prices and power generation

Apple T&C upsets philanthropic developers

Don't mention the earthquake

Tainted apps worm into official Android store

DroidDream creates security nightmare

Ofcom shows average broadband speeds half advertised rate

ISP claims tested, many found wanting

Health experts flip over McD's burger-flip toy

'Disturbing' drive thru fun kitchen

Eurocrats work horizontally to make every European digital

Neelie Kroes hails Digital Agenda progress

Apple iPad 2 snapped in all its skinny glory

Go on, take a look. You know you want to...

Virgin offers unlimited action for a fiver

Textual feeling

Compellent micro-manages data to gain efficiency

CeBITSixteen times increase in tiering granularity

IT job seekers can't smell spell

Schoolboy CV errors

Blighty's expensive Watchkeeper spy-drone in further delays

Extra bonuses: It's unarmed and needs Israeli support

Border Agency raids private college in Gateshead

Four senior staff arrested in immigration probe

Time-wasting twits survey scam hits Twitter

I'm not fooled by Tweeter's curl ...

Swiftpoint Futuremouse

ReviewRefashioned rodent with laptop leanings

Sheila's Fails? The statistics of biological risk

CommentWhy the ECJ insurance judgment might not be the right road after all

Library e-books to become too tatty to lend

Digital copies must not outlast paper one, HarperCollins insists

UK extends IT spending controls

Every contract over £5m needs Treasury, Cabinet nod

Portsmouth stretches the Olympic-sized swimming pool

Adds critical 0.2143 linguine to polemical length

Radio in the cloud: Do we want to TiVo our radio?

What problem is Michael Robertson trying to solve?

Apple shutters store as fanbois camp out on virtual pavement

Feast your eyes on Post-it of destiny

Dixons prices up Motorola Xoom for Blighty

More than expected

Official: Booze prevents senile dementia

WHEN will the gov provide free booze for wrinklies?

Twitter terminates Steve Jobs parodist

Not the Fake Steve Jobs, a fake Steve Jobs.

Easier to secure the cloud than your data center - IBMer


Amazon floats (another) cloud over Asia

EC2 goes to Tokyo

Steve Jobs unveils iPad 2

Faster, slimmer, dual-core

Elop's choice: Microsoft and Nokia take a bruising

MicroBiteWhat now for IE9 on mobile?

Apple cuts iPad price

Tablet discounted in run-up to new version's debut

Facebook to share home addresses, phone numbers

How Zuckerberg learned to stop worrying and love opt in

Oracle seeks Java cloud closure help

Work needed on Java EE plan

More interception, less scrutiny as Oz Senate passes wiretap laws

Big Brother is listening

iPad 2 spawns updated iOS and apps

Fondleslab finger candy

IBM ex-boss tapped for convergence review

Nobody ever got sacked for that

Rogue AV pimps finally show love for alternative browsers

Ruse spoofs Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Opera man muscles into Apple mobile ad kingdom

Ex-Apple 'Pink' engineer takes fight to Google

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