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1st > March > 2011 Archive

Jobs stand-in ranks iPhone over sex

Breathing, water, food, handset with crap antenna

Morgan Stanley hit by same attackers that breached Google

The 'real Aurora attacks (not the crap in the news)'

Retailer predicts death of Apple retail channel, eBay gets cozy with brands

Au channels are 'Apple’s bitch', eBay users no longer need bargains

Ex-MySQL boss plots Second Cloud Coming

Open...and ShutMarten Mickos and Eucalyptus. Don't write 'em off

Woman sentenced for breaching former employer's PCs

Pants-ate-my-hard-drive defense fails

Nuance Flext9

Android App of the WeekJust my type

Patent row gets Playstation 3s banned from Europe

PS3s and Bravia TVs, get your stock in now

Bad Appler pleads guilty

Original sin, and wire fraud

Google blames bug for Gmail deletions

Offline backup used to restore nuked profiles

LaCie cues up Thunderbolt hard drive

10Gb/s data transfers, anyone?

ECJ gender ruling 'could throw insurance into turmoil'

Equality law may present pickle for industry

Could Coraid be readying for takeoff?

CommentStirrings under the surface ...

Somerset council looks for cuts in Southwest One

Renegotiating contract for back office services

Londoners warned of card skimming risk

Tube and train stations awash with card cloners

Portsmouth redefines the Olympic-sized swimming pool

Shaves two inches off accepted standard

Intel trying a flash cache again

If at first you don't succeed

Apple to launch queue-jumping service for little people

Genius waits for no one. NO ONE

iPhone 'Death Grip' effect is real, plastic cases don't help

UK boffinry suggests external antenna not clever

Euro court slaps down insurers over gender risks

No more lower premiums for Sheilas

Spammers exploit Internationalized Domain Names to punt penis pills

Cyrillic dysfunction

Lenovo eyes peeper-pursuing PC controller

From mouse balls to eyeballs

Penthouse pokes punters in eye with 3D smut

NSFWMounting excitement at TV channel launch

BlueArc barges into the black

Makes first profit

Dixons prices up Motorola Android 3.0 tablet

Then un-prices it

Kinect connect rate outstrips Sony PS3 Move

Analyst outs sell-through stats

China Unicom readies mobile OS

Squaring up to Symbian, asking Apple outside

US trade rep bashes Baidu for 'deep linking' naughtiness

The Pirate Bay also singled out on 'Notorious Markets' list

Gov consults on new CCTV/ANPR Code of Conduct

Proper tech standards unlikely to 'roll back state'

Huawei-Symantec takes big step with Force10

North America partnership

Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410

ReviewDiddy desktop with designs on your telly

Council busts breast milk ice cream parlour

Frozen jub juice seized for health testing

German 'minister for cut'n'paste' resigns over PhD plagiarism

Baron von Googleberg ousted from defence ministry

Why do we need SANs?

CommentVirtualised servers and DAS... ist gut

HBGary chief exec resigns over Anon hack

Barr falls on sword

SeaMicro: Intel proxy shows server moxie

ARM wrestling

Surrey nudists tossed out into the cold after lease expires

110 naturists look for friendly farmer

Gamers raise millions for charity

Play with yourself for others' benefit

HP gives 3PAR a filer head

File access layered on 3PAR block arrays

Discovery team grapples ISS module

Robotic arm shifts orbiting outpost extension

Ex-PM blocked Steve Jobs knighthood

Lord Jobby, a veray parfit, gentil knight

NSPCC blurs lines as vetting debate kicks off

Confusion reigns

MS kicks off game coder compo

$40k up for grabs

Natalie Portman slaps John Galliano

Shocked and disgusted by 'anti-Semitic rant'

IBM re-ups mainframe interface licensing with EMC

System z to play nice with DMX and VMAX arrays

Password management site plugs info-leak bug

LastPass covers ass

The Node Ahead: JavaScript leaps from browser into future

Google V8 engine spawns server world doppelgänger

IBM scores $23.6m e-health deal

Health records set to go viral

Digislide stiffed by Austrade

Downhill slide halted for now

Microsoft plans June Windows 8 tablet tease?

Wall Street wonder wanted

Assange claims Jewish conspiracy against WikiLeaks

Not true says leaker's Twitter

Self-erasing flash drives destroy court evidence

'Golden age' of forensics coming to close

Fanboi rumor mill dances for iPad 2 iPad 3

The Fondleslab Follies

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