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25th > February > 2011 Archive

Turing Collection saved for the nation

Bletchley Park to house codebreaker's papers

Australians safe from Mortal Kombat

“RC” means “no sale”

Exxon, Shell, BP outed as mystery hack attack victims

'Millions of dollars' in data targeted

RIM BlackBerry Bold 9780 smartphone

ReviewCosmetic treatment?

IBM's knockout single file system benchmark

CommentSingle file system SONAS blows the rest away

Fairness FAIL: When small print contradicts the big print

OFT probes contracts whose small print is contrary to consumer expectations

United Nations undermines Internet Governance Forum

Ah, Global Bureaucracy!

Government seeks chief procurement officer

Two (jobs) become one ...

Google whacks link farms

Less crud with your search

MySpace sale or spin-off process begins, says report

Head of music shifts to strategic role ahead of buyout

Anonymous hacks Westboro Baptists during live interview


Intel outs future Xeon chip porn

ISSCCGet a load of them cores!

Customs officers get X-ray machines for down under searches

Aussie Doctors relieved of drug-sniffing duties

London Stock Exchange floored, again

Up and down like a ...

Credit cards at the turnstile across London by 2013

We don't need no stinkin' Oyster

Elder Scrolls V goes dragon mad

First glimpse at new engine

MS tacks Mozilla 'Do Not Track' header onto W3C submission

Before you can say 'embrace and extend' ...

Lloyds, First Direct websites hit by payday outages

Wanna check you've been paid? Tough

LaCie and Promise Thunderbolt their desktop storage

Storage companies promise fast transfers

Mozilla confirms Firefox 4 beta 12 is FINAL test build

Thanks for clearing that up, but what about the blasted Hotmail bug?

Energy MPs foresee terrible future of clean, cheap energy

CommentShale – don't know what it is, we'd better stop it

IBM reclaims server crown from HP

Mainframe resurgent

Flaw in MS anti-malware engine poses command override risk

Gaskets blown

Park the Mario Kart, and throw your keys in the bowl

NSFW(ish)Ubisoft puts the swing into Wii console gaming

Apple under siege: Antitrust probes and product delays ...

Will developer backlash be too powerful for Apple this time?

Western Dig opens new R&D centre

Putting the HAMR down

Turn your mobile phones in to a live gig speaker

Clear things up a bit

All hail our cloud computing overlords

CommentPray that the IT priests beat the beancounters

Killzone 3


Man found guilty of battery after ejaculating in co-worker's drink

'For me it's a release. I think about my wife'

Google preps YouTube movie service 'for UK'

Video-sharing site cast in Hollywood role

Stock Exchange says soz for downtime

Back in time for lunch

MobileMe packages disappear from Apple's shelves

You can have it, but you can't pay for it

London man gets 5 years for YouTube terror videos

First dissemination conviction

Mobile spyware tool helps paranoid spouses prove themselves right

'Cellphones are primary communication tool for affairs' says vendor

Is Japan ready for Nintendo 3DS launch?

Already on sale in China

Huawei invites US gov to investigate links to Chinese military claims

Turning over a new 3Leaf

Amazon automates AWS app deployment

Shares internal CloudFormation tool

Auction fraud complaints prop up declining US cybercrime reports

Buyer beware

Cyber cops and domain name registrars meet to tackle net crooks

Tackling criminal activity on a borderless internet

Oracle to float cloud-ready Java EE in 2013

ExclusiveDeath for JavaOne?

Dear US gov: Stay the hell out of Silicon Valley

Open...and ShutLeave the technology to technologists

Godson: China shuns US silicon with faux x86 superchip

ISSCCWho needs GPU co-processors?

Antennagate Redux: Consumer Reports condemns Verizon iPhone 4

The Return of Death Grip

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