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23rd > February > 2011 Archive

Microsoft offers Azure virgins 'small' VM concession

Play now, pay in June

Cellphone exposure linked to changes in brain activity

Handset radiation can alter brain function

HP misses Q1 sales, revises 2011 downward

Apotheker's first Carly moment

Judge offs

Injunction granted against net broadcaster

M2 buys up more Australian customers

Austar exits mobile biz

Go Stop, Moto!

Huawei wins injunction, gums up Nokia sale

Apple 'outstrips' all brands at box office

Product-placement king

Plextor PX-L611U portable DVD writer

ReviewOptical extras on the go

Cornish pasties awarded protected status

Imitators beware tasty European Commission ruling

Where are the next storage startup stars?

CommentIs there room for another 3PAR, Compellent or Data Domain ...

Scientists tremble before 'thunder-thighs' sauropod

Early Cretaceous dino delivered quite a kick

Compellent driven into datacentre by Dell

CommentGoing deeper into development

Apple plots iPad 2 production reduction

Moles claim output has been cut

Virgin considers dipping toes into 'daily deals' offering

Groupon clone sought, says report

Roundabouts and swings at Everything Everywhere

Financial wizardry shows all is lost/fine

Doing the math on IBM's real systems biz

Sales and profits climb out of a hole

Eight years for ID fraudster

Job Centre worker helped him steal tax credits

Intel to spotlight optical interconnect tomorrow

Up to a point, Lord Copper

EMC kills SPEC benchmark with all-flash VNX

Watershed benchmark

UK chip design house strides across pond

CSR explains the logic of going video

Russia blames Google for Egyptian revolt

Er, right

Doctor Who co-star Nicholas Courtney dies at 81

End of era as the Brigadier checks out

Moderate boozing good for your heart: Official

However, 'if you don't drink, this is not a reason to start'

Price war beckons for mobile payments

Twitter founder's Square goes cheaper


ReviewIs there a new Duke in town?

No showstoppers for UK nuke approval

On course for June

Apple shareholders demand CEO succession plan

What happens when Steve goes?

Met investigates medical school hack

UpdatedDocs get nasty, libellous emails

Apple brands Intel 'Light Peak' as Thunderbolt

High-speed IO just rebranded DisplayPort tech?

Gears of War 3 release date confirmed

Gunning for glory

Bionic leg builder makes huge step in prosthetics

Robot knee has a mind of its own

Council loses USB of patient records

Worker 'had problems' using encrypted stick

Android and iOS get a little Minecraft love

Time-wasting goes mobile

Nokia flings out WinPho 7 phones

Concept snaps prefigure real thing

Sony debuts 3D laptop

Big specs, of course

ECJ asked to rule on re-sale of software licences

Oracle says usedSoft's sale of used licences is illegal

Chemists create current-bearing plastic

Polymer breakthrough points way to cheaper PCs

Oracle: 'Eight Android files are decompiled Oracle code'

Google OS based on 'hundreds of copyrighted Java files'

New Relic climbs Amazon's Elastic Beanstalk

This cloud will spread

Apple names iPad 2 reveal date

'Magical and revolutionary', part deux

WikiLeaks' Assange 'very likely' to lose extradition fight

Barrister pokes ahead of Thursday's hearing

Belarusian admits running site that catered to 2000+ ID thieves

Faces 37+ years in prison

Microsoft student mail checkmates Google state grab

UpdatedPortland swings away

Google sweetens Android with full Honeycomb SDK

Fondleslab OS Xooming into view

Australian utility evaluates EV charging kit

Plug your 'leccy cars into Ergon

Apple shareholders nix disclosure of Jobs succession plan

The first rule of Jobs Club is: You do not talk about Jobs Club

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