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21st > February > 2011 Archive

How to build your own Watson Jeopardy! supermachine

To rule humanity, download the following open source code...

Debian 6: Have your Debian and eat your Ubuntu too

ReviewGNOME, KDE, and beyond

EchoStar goes 2-way with Hughes acquisition

Dish Network to offer internet connectivity

Twitter cuts off two fat client apps

Thou shalt not take the Twitter name in vain

Chip maker cocks snook at Apple with IPAD family

Capitalising the brand?

Nissan readies ultra-low CO2 petrol engine for Micra

Fuel injection, supercharger make for zero road tax

Westboro Baptist Church taunts Anonymous over supposed attack plan

God hates fags and 'crybaby' hackers

Mozilla ices Firefox 4 beta 12 release to nail final bugs

Temporary breather could push release to March

Who needs 600 friends when you're a bride of Christ?

Nun joins Facebook, gets kicked out of convent

UK biz prejudiced against public sector staff

Not equipped to work for us

Passport office loses applications

ICO not impressed

Huawei drops 3Leaf buy

Capitol Hill says no

Motorola 'flagship' Honeycomb tablet to ship sans Flash

Its Android not yet Adobe-fied

Microsoft flash research inspires EMC

Data Domain flash-based dedupe coming

Huawei to gift underground coverage to London

From one Olympic nation to another

Bahrain Grand Prix may be postponed

UpdatedTeams may be told to F1 off

Cowon D3 Plenue Android media player

ReviewEntertaining view

Apple iOS dominates Euro smartphone usage

Europeans far less keen on Android than Americans are

Top execs fly from Alibaba after supplier frauds

Close sesame on your way out, will you?

Exhibition to applaud videogames as art

Vote now on the titles to be showcased

CSR slots Zoran into connected future

Video processing and Bluetooth, the perfect partnership?

Stay-at-home PayPal crook used stolen funds to buy gold bullion

Nottingham outlaw robbed the rich to feed ... himself

Facebook reviews smut policy after slave site uprising

Deletion of kinky page provokes sort-of soul-search

Government defends need for census

Privacy groups say survey is 'intrusive'

Software suppliers not ready for HMRC online tax filing system

UpdatedSage and chums yet to fully implement iXBRL

Latvian film fan pops cap in loud popcorn eater

UpdatedBlack Swan enlivened by mastication-provoked slaying

God-game creator granted Bafta gong

Lifetime achievement award for Molyneux

Facebook telly app wins £60k from Samsung

Despite losing the public vote

Sheep as smart as humans: Official

El Reg lamb cutlet chef begs to differ

Nintendo celebrates Legend of Zelda silver anniversary

Happy Birthday, Link

Google threatens Chrome address bar with death

'Major' UI experiment vanishes urls

Oracle debuts carrier-grade Sparc T3 servers

Rugged racks get 'Rainbow Falls'

Software is the secret sauce in storage sales

Storage is a pain in the ass

Flash drives dangerously hard to purge of sensitive data

When secure wiping isn't

Apple 'greed' tax spreads beyond music, movies, magazines

Jobs bites hand that feeds Safari

iiNet fattens up after eating Netspace and AAPT consumer arm

Swallowing competition is good for you

D-Link: Vendors can do more to support channels

Maurice Famularo sings the distie blues

Ethernet, Fibre Channel sales boom in Q4

We don't need no stinkin' FCoE

Acer in alleged Chrome OS monitor plot

UpdatedEr, does Google know about this?

Windows Phone 7 gets 'goodie' update

Don't get excited. Microsoft isn't

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