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20th > February > 2011 Archive

Oracle looks for love at Java DevJam

FOSDEM 2011Draft of OpenJDK bylaws draws mocking laughter ...

Yahoo! exec drain continues

But Yahoo!7 still growing

NBN will turn retail borderless, says Conroy

In case that hadn’t already happened

Broadband guarantee helped, but did it help the right people?

Auditor slaps department

Swiss boffins go nuts for Cray supers

Cuckoo clocks, chocolate, and XMT-2 ops

Intel sends 'Poulson' Itaniums to the shrink

ISSCC'Designed with the future in mind'

HBGary 'puppets' FAIL to convince

Leaked doc outlines dumb rep management strategy

Windsor slaps News for NBN 'scare campaign'

Country Oz luvz its fast Internetz

Cobol cabal will take over THE WORLD Australia

Old skool is cool, Cobol h8ers

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