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15th > February > 2011 Archive

Groupon tweets first Aus media release

Blanket coupon coverage

Lead Firefox developer exits Mozilla

So long and thanks for all the IE antidote

Adobe open source code backs – gasp! – HTML5

Things that never happen in Steve Jobs' head

Man matches machine in Jeopardy! showdown

Wetware draws round one

Apple suppliers: Child labor, bribery, suicides

Jobsian crusaders to the rescue

Pacnet opens Sydney data centre

Facility also hot backup for network ops

Iomega SuperHero iPhone back-up gadget

ReviewTo protect and serve

UK opposes EU plans for '28th regime' for contract law

No evidence preferred solution would work, says UK

Qualcomm paints Gobi as WiMAX successor

Rushing in where Intel failed to tread

Computacenter splashes out on French reseller

Profits at last?

Spanish police hold alleged Nintendo blackmailer

He grabbed 4,000 users' details

Hardware keyloggers found in Manchester library PCs

Spy on the wire gets your mad up proper

Tax tribunal finds contractor wasn't employee

Another slap for unpopular IR35 law

Twitter wants mobile industry followers

MWCWhat are you twittering about? You want more money?

SaaS security: it comes down to knowing what you are doing

Roundup of discussion from Week 2

Where to now for the data robot?

CommentLimited options one way but wide open another

Pandora to spark music IPO goldrush?

I said no, no, no ...

Supermarket blows £70m on kid-commerce site

We knew nappies were expensive but...

Dissenting Nokia shareholders: Bring us the head of Stephen Elop

Elopocalypse, Day Five

Julian Assange gets helping hand from OJ Simpson's briefs

WikiLeaks man pulls on snug gloves

Boffins demand: Cull bogus A-Levels, hire brainier teachers

UK values sci/tech grads – very few forced into teaching

Telstra dropkicks femtocell business model

MWCAussies can offload their own data ...

HTC takes a flyer on tablets

MWC 2011Scaled up Android smartphone ahoy

Dell Venue Pro WinPho 7 smartphone

ReviewDoes the business?

EMC joins Storage Performance Council

It's benchmark WAR!

'Vacuous' - Twitterati hail Eric Schmidt's midnight tweet

And Schmidt saw what technology did in Egypt. And it was good

DARPA to pay hackers and hobbyists for help

Your tax dollars at rest

BlackBerry OS 6 – Red Star Rising


Visa's chip-and-PIN exemption rules given cautious welcome

Good news for shopkeepers

OFT waves through's national addressing database

Joint effort with Ordnance Survey gets 'all clear'

European child abuse image law a step closer

Committee approval

Clinton demands net freedom for all... 'cept Wikileaks

Who said anything about China?

May promises £63m for cybercrime fight

Less than ten per cent of cyber security budget

Toshiba £300 'entry level' Froyo tablet back on sale next month

Honeycomb offerings to be premium products

Old folks' phones set to take over from nurses

MWCCut down on the Mars bars, granny asks developers for views on Public Data Corporation

Working title may change to Vanilla Data Corp or similar (maybe)

Toshiba previews TV UI for cloud content

IPTV meets social networking meets... everything

Ecstasy doesn't make rave-goers any stupider - official

Going to raves, though...

Opera Mini BREWs up

The other browser comes to the other OS

Samsung readies Android-based iPod Touch killer

Smartphone minus the phone bit

Intel updates Xeon six-shooters for servers

Gunning for Opterons high and low

Steve Jobs unveils 30% subs model for ... everything

Publishers get 'magical, revolutionary' our-way-or-the-highway deal

TiVo calls time on ageing set-tops

Nine-year-old kit marked end-of-line

UK, Oz won't get latest AMD ThinkPad

'North America and other emerging markets' only

Apple cripples iBooks for jailbreakers

No e-books for you!

Hacked BBC streaming websites serve up malware

Driveby exploit on 6Music and 1Xtra

'Unlimited' misleading on throttled broadband: Federal Court

ACCC wins Optus advertising case

Australian group buying soars

From invisible to fly-speck in only 12 months

Money gone, people gone: Oracle's open-source blowback

GlassFish sucks dollars, Hudson quietly moves

Twitter off-limits for cricketers

Learn to play cards again, chaps

Mozilla: 'Internet Explorer 9 is not a modern browser'

Arch rival condemns Microsoft browser to Victorian age

iPhone 5 rumors: bigger, smaller, cloudy, keyboard-equipped

Will Apple ape Google?

Dell busts through $60bn barrier

Business buying binge

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