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9th > February > 2011 Archive

Google Translate for iPhone: hits and misses

First look'Egg freckles' redux

Employer settles with Facebooker who called boss 'dick'

Social network = public forum

Mac Tel subsidiary launches cloud service

Plan B: put the cloud at arm’s length

Samsung and IBM in patent pact

IP cross dressing licensing

Novell and HP wave SUSE x64 cluster deal

Nice of you to tell everyone

Creative Ziio 7in Android tablet

ReviewLet me entertain you

Credit crunch pushes US ID fraud to 8 year low

Hi, low silver lining...

Delete all you like, but it won't free up space

Comment:You've been (de)duped ...

Microsoft re-org: more code, less death by PowerPoint?

End of the veteran managers

CSC faces lockout over Indian 'slave' row

Union not happy with company transfers

iPad TWO: What, already?

Son of Fondleslab production pre-happening, says someone

EMC races to catch up with NetApp

Block-level dedupe on way

Teleca sucks up SurfKitchen

Swedes buy UK mobile shell developer

Converged stacks will retard storage innovation

Soup or nuts?

Council dives into crematorium-heated pool

Redditch approves energy-saving scheme

EC parades common phone charger

Universal power to the people

Labour forum leaks email addresses

'Unbelievably poor and sloppy coding'

Dell junks Adamo ultra-skinny

Bye then

The Meeks shall inherit the Office ...

FOSDEM 2011F/OSS fundi gives LibreOffice the hard sell and Oracle the finger

Patent judge hits out at legal tactics used against file-sharers

ACS:Law ceases trading

RealNetworks unhooks 130 employees in jobs cull

But we're still hiring!

YouView ship date slips to 2012: official

If you've been holding your breath, you can exhale now ...

Man, 54, accused of sex with girl he wed in RuneScape

Alleged victim 'traumatised'

ZDI spills beans on 22 zero-day bugs

Vulnerability broker had given software vendors 6 months to fix them ...

Japan wants in on NFC

Felica father DoCoMo to hook up with South Korea's KT

Lexmark Genesis multifunction printer

ReviewSpace-saving and super swift

Fort Wayne officials refuse to slap Harry Baals on public building

Killjoys scratch handle off erection

London Underground hands £10m to Capgemini

Some jobs move too

Don’t Look Now hailed top Brit movie

No look-in for The Italian Job in experts' top 100

Walmart joins Verizon iPhone 4 stampede

Any color, so long as it's black

Kid spanks a grand on Xbox using Mum's bank card

Angry woman seeks solicitor


Pale, smelly peril of underwater cocaine 'Love Boat'

Devs gather for beer and burgers in Belgium

FOSDEM 2011Lang, tech, systems, clouds ... and Office politics

Linux vulnerable to Windows-style autorun exploits

Caveats abound

First WACy handset goes widget mad

WAC expands ahead of Monday's launch

GAME sells Xbox DLC content over the counter

Don't pay online

iControlPad: The answer to mobile gaming control 'mares?

Does the Bluetooth pad push your buttons?

Alabama sex shop owner swaps 'Guns for Toys'

Valentine's Day peace and luuurv initiative

Unions and small biz doubt Osborne's bank promises

Show us the money, Gideon

Superphone system-CRACKING cable of DOOM ... is quite handy

MiniUSBs and common connectors are a sysadmin's best friend

Windows 7 service pack to land this month

UpdatedStart your engines

More heads roll at AMD

Bonuses for the head honchos

Starbucks' iPhone barcode app easily scammed by screengrab

Brown milk bonanza for any passing trickster

Microsoft names Satya Nadella to replace Bob Muglia

New server tools & cloud overlord promoted from within

Oracle and Fujitsu hook up on Sparc servers

Friends with benefits

HP reveals inaugural Palm webOS tablet

Today, the TouchPad. Tomorrow, webOS desktops...

Oracle patches decade-old 'Mark-of-the-Beast' bug in Java

Order restored to universe

Ballmer's Bing man to 'define' Microsoft's server future

CommentFloat more CPUs and storage!

Sony tweets 'secret' key at heart of PS3 jailbreak case

'You sank my battleship' indeed

Australia’s NBN too expensive: EIU

Compared to what?

Google, antitrust, and the 'Copygate' hypocrisy

Comment'We can copy. But you can't'

Smartphones drive Telstra mobile growth, Optus follows with 700k adds

We kiss Steve Jobs' photo every night...

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