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7th > February > 2011 Archive

TiVo hits pause button in Australia

Staff shed in restructure, Fetch TV a buyer?

Egypt to release 'missing' Google exec on Monday

Ghonim (apparently) under government custody

'Red Hat for stats' goes toe-to-toe with SAS

Analyze this

Google does fractals in HTML5

Take a break with Julia and Mandelbrot

Myer breaks ranks on 'net retailing

The internet didn’t eat our homework

AOL buys Huffington Post

1 + 1 = 11 ... err, yes ...

Nokia boss 'plans Great Purge'

De-Finnification of the leadership

NASA 'naut Kelly rejoins Endeavour crew

Wife Gabrielle Giffords on the mend

Juniper stuffs money into Violin

Joins Toshiba in backing startup

Stroppy Belgian students in Ryanair mutiny

Baggage fees rumpus grounds university mob

Vodafone nabs new Nexus

Operator to offer second-gen Googlephone

Anonymous pwns security firm that probed its membership

HBGary gets the ACS:Law treatment

NASA snaps Sun in super STEREO

Twin probes image star's 'three-dimensional glory'

BlueArc puts replication on a diet

Thin replication

Indian courts 'rule astrology is a science'

British papers about as truthful as astrologers

Six... budget Blu-ray Disc players

Product Round-upHD hardware at low prices

Nasdaq admits hackers planted malware on web portal

Stock tickler

First fondleslab found in 1970s kids TV sci-fi gem

Apple iPad inspired by Tomorrow People

BT erects private cloud defences

Hybrid vigour

Sir Elton outs iPad 2 release date

Pop star wants fondleslab for Skyping

Sony Ericsson confirms PlayStation phone

Ready to Play?

North Africa will need more revolution before it attracts IT tourists

CommentSoviet-like red tape still choking small firms and free markets

Glasses-free 3D TV sales stumble

Demand half of what Toshiba hoped for

Robot naval stealth fighter takes to the air

VidMav and Iceman get to work on their CVs

Assange fights extradition in court

Charge me or release me

Super-thin materials could POWER our WORLD

Basic research on 1-atom-thick nanosheets shows many hypothetical uses

Android Open NFC gets a bit more open

Our abstraction is more abstract than your abstraction

Rovio to fling Angry Birds at Nintendo 3DS

Hawaii boffins: Aerosols add to Amazon rainfall

More pollutants equal less crazy weather

Nationwide customers find online front door shut

It pays to decide to go outside and find a branch

Iranian state telly bins foreign cuisine

Local recipes only for Persian Jamie Olivers

Overzealous anti-paedo scheme not dead yet

Scale back and rebrand of VBS is likely later this week

Ofcom okays Derren Brown psychic-baiting

Opinion of regulator's dead relatives pending

HP intros 'lay it flat' all-in-one touchscreen PC

Rather like Apple 2009 patent application...

Canon intros entry-level DSLRs

Some flashy lenses too charges for mobile

Free-for-all across other platforms

IP review visits Silicon Valley shrines

Screw the creatives, show us the money!

Superphones: A security nightmare waiting to happen

Smartphones don't tell the half of it

Cisco munches Inlet for $95m

Why invent when you can buy?

Google exec/activist 'released' by Egyptian authorities

Wael Ghonim had been missing for two weeks

De-Finnistration: Nokia to shift HQ to US?

ExclusiveElop's radical plan

Disabled dude demands EA improves gaming access

Control customisation is key

Critics slam feds for 'unprecedented' domain seizure

What would China do?

Google keen to settle antitrust investigation

In 'tentative talks' as probe seeks traffic data, ad contracts

Banshee man dumps Novell for Skype duo

Fresh fields, new platforms?

SCO: 'Someone wants to buy our software biz!'

Mystery co. vows return to former SCO 'glory'

'Mark-of-the-Beast' bug topples Java apps

Inflicts major harm with limited resources

Australian Liberal MPs splurge on sticky, delicious ... toner

Will this get enough on eBay to pay for the Qld floods?

We’ll also resell NBN services – VIVIDwireless

TD-LTE demonstrated in Sydney

BMC in $1.2m Mac Tel win

Someone to watch over me

VMware takes on Google Apps with Zimbra 7

Collaboration. It's for users, not competitors

'Tree Octopus' proves journos no smarter than 13-year-old Americans

We believe anything we read on the wire

T-Mobile answers Verizon iPhone with free handsets

A little Valentine's day luv

Mozilla plans four Firefoxes in 2011

The Chrome effect

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