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1st > February > 2011 Archive

Mozilla slips 'Do Not Track' header into Firefox nightlies

The call for 'DNT: 1'

School reinstates Facebooker who called teacher 'douche bag'

'Cyberbullying' charge debunked

The future is analog (at least part of it)

Open...and ShutMixed messages in a digital economy

Home Office crime maps go to street-level detail

ICO says privacy of those involved is preserved

Virgin Media kills 20Mb broadband service

New customers led through 30Mb door

Archos 101 8GB Android tablet

ReviewLightweight, 10.1in Froyo fondle slab, anyone?

Assange traveled in drag to evade gov spooks

'Can't imagine how ridiculous it was'

Government put brakes on Bribery Act

May be out after three months (if you can make it worth our while)

Amazon to sell Kindle through Currys, PC World

Advancing onto the high street

LG touts glasses-free 3D smartphone

Optimus line goes stereoscopic

Egypt loses last vestiges of connectivity

Country braced for massive protests

Openistas question's £300k crime-mapping website

Portal wobbles at launch

Samsung Android tablet sales smaller than thought

When shipments don't equal sales

Alternative security conferences plot European editions

Flip over to B-Sides

Apple tosses Sony iBooks rival from iTunes

E-book reader, buyer app rejected

Boots punts over-the-counter paternity test

Jeremy Kyle, Trisha anxiously peruse job pages

Wanted: 1 solution architect to fist bankers' asses

Willing to get hands dirty, presumably

DDoS bot infests food processing firms

Miscreants make mincemeat

Yahoo! mail servers blamed for WinPho 7 data spew bug

IMAP mishap?

Kaspersky plays down source-code leak

Stolen, obsolete code has no effect on protection

Apple clips publishers' wings

Only one of us is allowed to fly

Filth dominates net – shock survey

Knock yourselves out

China drafts in parent army to battle internet addiction

One child, two hours a week policy

IEEE releases next-gen powerline spec to gadget makers

Standards war heats up

LG comes to the NFC party

European launch of proximity payments in 2012

Ofcom to review Digital Economy Act site-blocking measures

When a 'principle' simply isn't enough

Oracle coughs $46m for bribe claims

Anti-kickback kicker

Discovery crawls to launch pad

Finally poised for 24 February launch

iPhone crashes car stereos, Toyota warns

Dock distress down under

Boffins hope for dimensional portal event at LHC by 2013!

Mighty atom-smasher upgrade postponed in excitement

Baidu slurps up Google's leavings, pockets $1bn

Eric's 'gift to Robin': Double income on Chinese searches

Intel 'Sandy Bridge' mobile platform

ReviewSecond-gen Core i7 CPU leaves its tyre marks

Cisco promises half a billion dollars for Cameron's BIG idea

PM sprinkles Cisco Kool Aid over East London

The lowdown on storage and data protection

Deep diveBackup to tape, disk and beyond

Elon Musk looking to get into 'black' spy sat market

Opens office next door to space spook-military central

Google boss preps seriously 'wonky' book

Publishers scramble for super Schmidt spiel

Japan plans space debris fishing trip

Unfurls really big metal net

China bets on thorium

Brand new nuclear programme within 20 years

Public Wi-Fi is a dog's dinner, says Cloud founder

Needs serious investment now

Dating site and hacker in online spat over security breach

No love lost

Embrace your outsourced future

What happens when we're all competing with Moldovan goatherders?

PS3 to float into cloud

Save your games in cyberspace, sync them to other devices

Second Samsung Wave smartphone slaps UK

Bada boom

Speedlink goes gold for Competition Pro silver jubilee

Blaster from the past

eSilo does dashing damp dedupe

SiloSphere gets soggy at source

Microsoft Bing man puts self up for auction at eBay

Yet another Redmond exec walks

ARM Holdings eager for PC and server expansion

Record 2010, looking for Intel killer 2020

Netgear CEO sorry for 'when Steve Jobs goes away' bit

But 'closed Apple' still 'doomed'

Newest PS3 firmware hacked in less than 24 hours

All Sony's horses and all Sony's men...

Open-source forkers declare Oracle independence

It's Hudson versus Jenkins

Cisco: Mobile web grows 26X by 2015

You think it's hard to get a link now?

M2 acquires Clear Telecoms

Adds 20k customers

Google to Microsoft: You're stealing our search results!

Redmond farce trapped by Google 'sting'

Intel, Google, Facebook back Obama startup love

iPad peddler MIA

VMware: Attack of the co-presidents

Four replace half of Maritz

EMC lets go of Greenplum Community Edition

Uncrippled data warehouse development

Yahoo! kills its stuffed elephant

For the love of Apache

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