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24th > January > 2011 Archive

Australia’s eBay shopping grows strongly

Who knows by how much?

CA Technologies signs up to Fujitsu cloud

Cloud within a cloud

iPhone, Android app offers 3D ads in Oz Open

It's like the car is coming right at you!

Google accused of copying (more) Oracle Java code

Android's 'PROPRIETARY' and 'CONFIDENTIAL' open source files

Taxpayers shafted as Classic FM gets licence back for peanuts

No need for an auction, says Ofcom

Report shows €240bn drop in music retail over 7 years

Spanish pirates steal musical investment booty, says IFPI

The Last Airbender up for nine Razzies

Twilight also likely to take a shoeing

What's Oracle got up its sleeve?

CommentLooks like it could be tape time

ICO slaps NHSBT for wrong organ donor data

Ten years, thousands of cockups

Nokia MeeGo tablet spied on web

Seven-incher by the look of it

Renault denies tech at heart of spy scandal

Strategy and pricing info, not batteries

$50bn-valued Facebook goes public about going public

IPO-incoming. Just not yet, OK

The beginner's guide to near field communications

Wave me the money

LG Android tablet spied in boy-band vid

Product placement

Beeb say sorry for Stephen Fry A-bomb quip

Japan rattles katana over nuke survivor gag

Sony PSP2 to keep in touch with 3G

Details leaked

Toshiba shows second-gen tablet

Bit on the bulky side?

The cost of beating Apple's shrewd screws? £2

Quick online search finds easy answer to pentalobes

BSkyB to scoop up The Cloud in bid to rival BT wireless biz

What's a hotspot not?

Hackers sell access to hacked .mil and .gov sites

Command and control? Yours for $500, guv

NASA rovers to lose comms this week as Mars moves behind Sun

Opportunity to blast rock with cobalt rays while it waits

BBC axes some Online sprawl

Web empire pared back - still the biggest spend in the UK

Smartphone makers to embrace multi-core chips

Nvidia will have two- and four-core jobs for them

HTC Desire Z Android Qwerty smartphone

ReviewTouch or type

Google backslaps Schmidt with $100m award

Take the money and hum

Hot air: Energy industry talks shale gas

A revolution 50 years in the making?

'Personal Air Vehicle' VTOL jump-copter in key flight test

Whirly, winged wonder-craft gets automated controls

O2 Germany offers Bada apps paid for on phone bills

PAYG no-credit-card plebs can join the party

Matrix 4 and 5 in works, threatens Keanu

Slo-mo fetish chop-socky saga to go 3D. Apparently

Utilitybidder gets disconnected by developer

Unplugged after developer allegedly left unpaid

Apple $10k winner hangs up on 'prank caller'

Spend it all on us

Intel commits $10bn to buybacks, juices dividend

Happy days are here again

Italy sues Microsoft for box-bundling bungling

Windows tax is unfair

French president recovers from Facebook hack

Zut alors

Copyright monitoring: costs to be shared

Broadband users won't pay to appeal copyright cases

NOVA 2 for iOS

ReviewShoot through padding

Mozilla plans 'Do Not Track' bottle-stopper for private surfers

Oh, behave!

EMC wages psych war against NetApp

We're on your case

Google 'Do Not Track' extension preempts feds, Mozilla

Behavioral ad self-police

Listing disto Dicker Data leaps 5% on day one

One penny extra per share...

HP euthanizes Neoview data warehouse iron

Itanium death

IT job market to revive in 2011

We have a pulse!

Eric Schmidt 'eyes own TV show'

Google boss in alleged CNN pilot 'disaster'

Microsoft Windows guru turns to cybercrime (fiction)

Bill Gates endorses 'what if' scenario

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