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21st > January > 2011 Archive

Texter who fell in fountain threatens to sue

Overnight YouTube phenom speaks out

WiFi comes to Sydney buses

Do it standing up

Ex-eBay CEO lands post-purge HP board seat

Rejected by the populace, selected by Lane

AMD to Intel: 'Thanks for the marketing boost'

Summertime showdown looms

Website with 10 million users warns of password theft

Trapster hack

Cisco-EMC Arcadia experiences integrator-friendly re-birth

Real products, no services

Aavara PCE122 HDMI extender

ReviewThe long run

AMD CEO downed by lost server-chip business

Kindness of HP, Dell and Intel not enough

EMEA computer shipments flat in final quarter of 2010, says IDC

It's the iPad and the economy, stupid

NEC, Lenovo deny PC merger deal done

But they do seem to be talking about it

Alleged Renault spies fight back

Name clearing legal battle begins

Samsung finds focus with 16Mp skinny shooter

Oh snappy days

Councils look for 'good enough' IT solutions

That'll do, pig

Open sourcerers port media centre to iOS

XBMC on Apple TV 2, iPad, iPhone

Lush website hack 'exposes credit card details'

UpdatedCosmetics co throws out baby with bubbly bathwater

NASA still dreaming of last Atlantis launch

Pencils STS-135 mission for 28 June

Blizzard green-lights fan-made StarCraft mod

WoS gets official sanction despite YouTube takedown

Police DNA retention ruled lawful by NI High Court

Human rights court ruling trumped

Boffins sex pterodactyls at last

'Mrs T' gives up secrets of ambiguous sky lizards

Tech salaries up five per cent in 2010

Six quarters of growth

Man killed by own cock

Blade-enhanced battle-beast missing, presumed stolen

Apple's publishing tax provokes Poirot

Belgium sniffs antitrust trouble with subscription tax

Beeb gets the measure of the London Eye

Equals 1,190.48 KiloJubs of phone directories

Google clones Groupon to rival e-coupon site

Imitation is the best form of flattery, or something

Yes! It's the iDevice-driven desktop droid

Toy robot trundles as iPhone tilts

ZeuS blackhats target online payment providers

More dosh for the evildoers

Mozilla blocks Firefox-breaking Skype toolbar

Given 'soft' barred treatment after calamitous crashes

India's cheap-as-chips delayed by cash spat

£20 netbook will take even longer to appear

Top Indian space boffin beams down climate shocker

Cherche les cosmic rays

Leica S2 professional medium format DSLR

ReviewThe 37.5Mp game-changer tested with its new 120mm lens

Massive US rocket sends top-secret cargo into space

Final 'Misty' stealth spysat placed in covert orbit?

T-Mobile touts US teen tracker

Parental paranoia palliative motion-monitoring app for less dicey driving

Pirates: Good for Microsoft, great for open sourcers

Open...and ShutBSA marooned by shipmates

El Reg takes a spin round Team Lotus's F1 factory

How do you create an F1 team from nothing in three months?

Duke Nukem Forever release date revealed

Let's rock!

Are disk drives beginning to spin down?

There's a dark cloud over their heads

End of the line for ID cards

And that's the end of that chapter

Big new wind turbines too close together, says top boffin

Latest windfarms 'underperforming'

IPTV UK: failure to launch?

Rivals fear YouView. They may not need to

Facebook defends security strategy

AnalysisShy social network responds to criticism

McDonalds samples NFC swipe-tech in UK

Calories with a wave, but Starbucks goes for virtual barcodes

1kW of sexy GPU love

Forget rolling your own - pre-canned is back in style

Gates, Woz, and the last 2,000 years of computing

If you program it, they will come

EU halts carbon trading after 'concerted' hack attacks

€30m up in smoke

Lawyer wants WikiLeaker kept off suicide watch

Abuse of discretion alleged

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