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20th > January > 2011 Archive

AMD takes on Intel in 'the internet of things'

From refrigerators to one-armed bandits

Job application scam fleeces company of $150,000

'Dear Sir or Madam: Please click here'

HTC 7 Trophy smartphone

ReviewMinimum spec mobile, the WinPho 7 way

COBOL drinks from cloudy fountain of youth

.NET and Java 10-year boost

Computacenter joins cloud club

Email everywhere

Extension of flexibility 'may help solve retirement problems'

CommentWill you still hire me, when I'm 65?

Burglars snort dead dad's ashes

Cremains confusion for right bunch of Charlies

Amazon buys Lovefilm

DVDs and Blu-rays by post

Oracle limbers up for big storage surprise

Data centre game changer, apparently

Taiwan parts firms point to iPad 2 res rise

Component maker moles say 'retina display' coming to Apple tab

Chinese Trojan blocks cloud-based security defences

Haha, I mock your forcefield!

Microsoft loses Windows consumer boss to Juniper Networks

Just be the ball, Brad Brooks, be the ball

BBC rebuilds Civilisation in HD

Seminal 1960s documentary restored for transmission

US snubs Nokia again

Nokia cancels X7

HP wants final probe into Hurd's departure

Let it go and move on, people

Raygun dreadnought project reports 'remarkable breakthrough'

Electron war-beam could mean end of aircraft carriers crashes off the internet

Domain doh!

BT eases iPad hotspot hop-ons

Login with your broadband details

Microsoft explains Windows 7 Phone phantom data cockup

Blames third party, doesn't reveal who

Apple lawyers land London lawsuit on Nokia

Tit-for-tat spat rattles on

HTC Gratia comes to UK - three months late

A Qwerty WinPho 7 handset too

NASA 'naut falls off bike, misses shuttle launch

Steve Bowen replaces Tim Kopra for ISS trip

Is EMC developing storage super-stack?

CommentUse your abstraction

WikiLeaky phone scam targets unwary in US

You peeked! Now pay up

Buffalo Linkstation Pro Duo 2TB Nas

ReviewPutting in a performance

Supercomputer performance leaps off the charts

WebcastWhere we are with HPC, where we’re going

NY bomb scare bank worker 'evacuates self'

Suspect package provokes brown trouser moment

NASA nano-satellite belatedly ejects from orbiting mothership

Boffins ask radio hams for help with small sun-jammer

Brazilian cult condemns USB

A satanic symbol, apparently

Gov will spend £400k to destroy ID card data

A snip to snip

Publisher takes swipe at StarCraft II game mod

Fan hit by Blizzard

Xbox 360 update bans Call of Duty dupes

Microsoft stuffs cracked copies

Mozilla's Skywriter gets Ajax treatment, emerges as Ace

One-time Bespin walked into a bar...

BP's crystal ball sees more coal, gas, biofuels...

...but mostly gas

First DOS-based malware celebrates silver jubilee

From Brain to zombie hordes in 25 years

NASA craft to woo comet on Valentine's Day

Romantic final encounter for Stardust-NExT

Anne Hathaway slips into catsuit

Takes feline lead in The Dark Knight Rises

Wind turbine bonanza expected in Hull

New jobs nothing to do with gov, claims Cameron

Apple tightens screws on hardware hackers

Going mental over pentalobe

DC Universe Online

ReviewGet cape, wear cape, fight

IBM claims its big blue tools penetrate markets

But has it stuffed a sock down its Power System pants?

US Navy puts stops on server spending

Full steam ahead on consolidation and clouds

Weak October gives F5 a Cisco moment

New ARX and ADC appliances on the way

WikiLeaks accused of tapping P2P for secret docs

Gov probes claims of 21st Century scavenger hunt

Apple seeks touchscreen display mouse patent

Poke, tap, and tickle your colorful rodent

Competition regulator OKs Telstra channel union

Brothers unite!

FAA to pilots: Expect 'unreliable or unavailable' GPS signals

Unspecified Pentagon 'tests' cited

Yahoo7 buys Spreets, bubble inflates

We got cheap cupcakes and haircuts, today only

AMD optimistic on Fusion as earnings flatten

2011: make-or-break year?

Google swaps old CEO Schmidt for older CEO Page

Management shakeup for 'better decisions'

Google's revenue machine stays unstoppable in Q4

Money for nothing and your clicks for free

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