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19th > January > 2011 Archive

Australian companies don’t trust their backups

Who would have thought?

Apple's Jobs stand-in touts iPad's enterprise reach

Blasts 'bizarre' Android tablets

Microsoft refreshes secure developer software tools

Attack Surface Analyzer makes its debut

W3C tackles HTML5 confusion with, um, more confusion

Web daddy says CSS is HTML

HBase: Shops swap MySQL for open source Google mimic

Microsoft doesn't want it. But everyone else does

Nokia C7 smartphone

ReviewSmooth-talking Symbian?

Eyeball camera zooms into focus

Bionic man, eat your heart out

ContactPoint may be cannibalised for parts

The data has been zapped, but the system and ETL routines may be useful...

Carbon trading registry suspends ops following hack attack

Smokey and the bandits

YouView launch date questioned

Technical issues, cost concerns hindering roll out, say moles

Heathrow Express treats iPhones as tickets

Shame too few airlines do

Playboy on iPad will be 'uncensored', says Hefner

Less need for the 'really good' articles these days?

South Yorks police leads UK in use of ANPR cameras

Norfolk Constabulary hardly uses them though

BBC iPlayer boss quits for job with Intel

Erik Huggers leaves White City for Silicon Valley

Angry Birds to catapult onto TV

Cartoon time

Police DNA test plan to put off prostitutes' punters

Another day, another database idea

Overloaded drug-smuggling pigeon nabbed by Colombian cops

Arresting officers bizarrely not named Dastardly or Muttley

Boeing customers spy distant Dreamliner

Q3 delivery expected after seventh delay

More privacy for the Queen, less for everyone else

More access to info, except about Prince William

ASA goes online to swing stick at new media advertisers

Now interwebs can enjoy same meddling high standards as other media

UK doctor loses unencrypted laptop containing patient data

Sticks and stones may break my bones but data loss really riles me

HP WebOS tablets won't ship until September?

Announced next month, not shipping for ages

UK short 100K tech recruits this year

Quango quacks say IT growth to outpace national average

Google plonks downloads on Iran after US lifts sanctions

Freedom, you've gotta give for what you take

Arqiva seeks Dragon for SeeSaw

Net telly service needs cash

Bolle BP-10 iPhone photo printer

ReviewPhotographs from your mobile without AirPrint

German docs develop remote-control stomach submarine

Modded colon-intruder dispenses with tentacle

Italian regulator asks for copyright reform after Google settlement

Competition body cannot stop exploitation of news content

How to... restore Twitter for Mac icons

Terminal jiggery-pokery

Official: music is a brain stimulating drug

I got chills, they're multiplying

Lame Stuxnet worm 'full of errors', says security consultant

My teenage son could code better

Shaun the Sheep shorts to lure kids to Nintendo 3DS

Not just games, short attention span videos too

Ex-DWP tech boss calls out former colleagues

Put those claws away dear

New Taser made to take down angry bears, moose

Triple-barrelled Yogi-zapper offered to Ranger Smith

Sony TVs, Blu-ray boxes to get web browser

Flash absent?

EU antitrust probe fishes for Google secrets

Details of APIs, fees, shenanigans sought..

WD broadens attack on Seagate

Enter a full-size WD enterprise drive

Acer backpedals from 'phasing out netbooks' claim

Staffer talking out of turn

Nintendo details 3DS roll-out

Launch dates, new features and more

Google gins search formula to favor its own services

Gmail, Maps get free ride

Amazon plants Microsoft and Salesforce blocking Beanstalk

Java today, Ruby tomorrow?

Microsoft and HP Frontline marriage births appliance iron

Anything Oracle or Cisco does, we can do better

'NBN is like a bathroom' says opposition, BCA agrees

Libs find new reason to dump network

Dell hooks server tools into VMware vCenter

Stop bouncing around consoles

Kiwis Demand: Talk TPPA turkey to us, Prime Minister

NZ unions launch campaign against even more secret “Son of ACTA”

Bot attacks Linux and Mac but can't lock down its booty

Cross-platform trojan's Achilles Heel

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