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23rd > December > 2010 Archive

Of Wikileaks and data theft

Maladroit is as maladroit does

Serial acquirer Kelway hoovers up ISC Computers

Fourth deal since January 2009

MS warns over zero-day IE bug

Exploit circumvents added security defences

Skype still staggering after major blackout

Supernode snafu continues to cause problems

Councils show true grit in the face of ... FOI requests

Road salt info requests lost in 'confidentiality' blizzard

Boffins build medical control centre with Kinect

Forceps. Scalpel. Clamps. High-score

Yahoo! buzzing over 'nonce Pope's' Christmas message

Seasonal outbreak of discomfort and joylessness

Stephen Fry security whoopsie leads to prank fart book order

ExclusiveBlundering thesp also requests homeopathic goat tome

Hackers get to work with Apple's AirPlay

Stream punks

London's tube demands faster-than-NFC ticketing

500 milliseconds not quick enough for the Underground

LG pitches Blu-ray media streamer ahead of CES

BD, 3D and DLNA all in one

Asus to punt Core i5 Windows 7 tablet

Aimed at ARM-less big biz

Apple iPad 2 said to sport über speaker

Hopes for USB port, SD slot dashed?

Dell buys Big Blue-based health cloud piccy firm

Love the service, hate the hardware

Double-clicking patent takes on world

Who's that trip-trapping over my bridge?

ICO waves stick at climate boffins over FoI compliance

University staff trained on small print of the act

DARPA working on eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head hat

'Full Sphere Awareness' to use software mini-cameras

Microwaved hard disc, run-over PC and other data disasters

There's nowt as thick as folk

Steve Jobs gets Obama love

Mac tycoon a jewel in free-market crown, according to world leader

Hacker charged over siphoning off funds meant for software devs

Accused of diverting Mystic River of cash

Massive new US spy airship 'could be used to carry big cargoes'

Mighty Brit-designed vessel could swap height for grunt

Santander mixes up 35,000 bank statements

Massive data blunder means bank might have to pay up

IBM strikes panglossian license deal with Voltaire

Just buy Mellanox and get it over with

Mozilla betas facelifted open source license

Now with more Apache code love

HPC mavens sell excess super cycles

The Cheshire HPC utility

UN defends human right to WikiLeaked info

Rejects calls for 'illegitimate retributive action'

Oracle revisits Sparc T processor roadmap

Time to overclock, boys

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