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Apple iPad vs... the rest

2010: it's a wrapDuking it out with the Galaxy Tab et al

This year's classy compact cameras

2010: it's a wrapEVIL winners

Cabinet Office claims major savings on ICT

Half a billion pounds saved after spending freeze, says Cabinet

Magnetic vortices research uncovers a cool place to put data

A lattice effect in manganese silicon at -245° Celsius

Bummed-out users give anti-virus bloatware the boot

One in four switch off resource hogs

Nvidia Tegra 2 hailed as Honeycomb CPU of choice

Google OS tablet reference design?

Jamie Oliver website offers graphic recipe for 'Pussy'

NSFWUser-generated beaver pie still on menu

English Defence League membership list stolen

Hackers pwn hooligans

Mexico mounts ROBOTIC ALIEN INVASION of US back yard

Illegal alien, that is

MSE releases revamped freebie malware scanner

Lock and load

Microsoft's Office nagware dead in icy water

Software giant quietly retires OGA program

EU expresses 'private concerns' about Intel buyout of McAfee

Multi-billion dollar takeover could be probed by watchdog

BA flights website grounded by snow

Looking for a seat? Flight information? Ask Santa

No more books on Ireland's banned book list

Censorship Board bored as no one submits smut for review

Missile defence FAIL: US 'kill vehicle' space weapon flunks test

Fails to get in way of hurtling simulated nuke

New UN committee could hand governments internet control

Bottoms-up is best, quoth Google

Pirate Bay backer takes case to Supreme Court

Carl Lundström disputes appeals verdict

Car immobilisers easily circumvented by crafty carjackers

Crap crypto to blame

Use eGovernment to lower costs, says EU Commission

Don't risk alienating the 'digital natives', says Neelie

'Porn lock' heralds death of WikiLeaks, internet, democracy, universe

AnalysisCalm down, dears

eBay buys into German fashion club

Buy it now without trying it on

MEGA DINO-WHALE from 'Valley of the Whales' exhibited

Boffins unlock secrets of land-walking, legged proto-moby

UK domain registry breaks 9 million

Flab-fighting site is nona-millionth active domain

'Don't panic: We're still Delicious,' says Yahoo!-owned Web2.0 outfit

Hopes social bookmarking service will turn page

Google Nexus S out Wednesday

Snow, stock supplies permitting

Nasuni grabs cloud development cash

Following the money into the clouds

Spamhaus DDoS blamed on shady Russian hosts, not Anonymous

Da svidaniya, kamerad: Traditional enemies fingered in weekend packet flood

Server workloads to go '70% virtual' by 2014

Uh, that's it?

Assange lawyers fume over leaked rape case docs

Ultimate WikiLeaks irony embraced

Google open sources '$5m' in Java Eclipse tools

Free code love Instantiated

Microsoft answers Google MapReduce with 'Dryad' beta

It's like Hadoop. Without the open source bit

IBM super cleared for trivia showdown with humanity

'Do you want to play a game?'

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