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15th > December > 2010 Archive

Google Chrome OS mauled by Richard Stallman

'Careless computing for suckers'

Feds probe '100 site' data breach

McDonald's Silverpopped

Email protected by Fourth Amendment, says appeals court

Landmark privacy shocker

Air Force blocks access to sites that covered WikiLeaks

The revolution will not be published

Ten... sub-£150 PMPs

Product Round-upMusic and movies on a budget

Blog network must label promo content under OFT glare

If they pay, you've got to say, growls watchdog

HP inks $1.4bn outsourcing deal with energy firm E.ON

CIO delighted to see back of 1,100 IT bods

'London black cabs to go electric in 2 weeks' – Boris Guardian

Well, by 2020. Some of them. Partly electric, that is

Three punts UNLIMITED smartphone package

No really, it is, insists cellco

Windows 7 really was some girl's idea, rules ASA

'I'm a PC' ads not misleading, says regulator

British lags less chatty on mobiles

Or getting niftier at hiding them

Atos Origin buys Siemens IT wing in €850m deal

Breakfast of 'European IT champions'. Or something

Yahoo! axes 600 jobs

Purple palace waves pink slips at workers

Critical IE update in biggest ever Patch Tuesday

Internet Explorer? Is that thing still around?

First 'cryovolcano' discovered on Titan, ice moon of Saturn

Frosty cone spews molten slush-puppy MAGMA

Firefox UI man quits Mozilla for new health-conscious venture

Beefing up data to help you slim down

David Attenborough dino doc shows limits of 3D TV

Documentary evidence

Nokia cuts staff, fiddles with E7

800 Finns for the chop

Virtual Server backup software ranked

CommVault Simpana and CA ARCserve top of the pops

BBC audience: DAB less tasty than leftover turkey

No digital sprouts for us, ta

WikiLeaks urged to stop hosting on Russian blackhat ISP

Virtual mafia state, indeed

FBI 'planted backdoor' in OpenBSD

Break out the code auditing kit

Man caught w*nking over Alan Sugar's autobiography

The book that just keeps on giving

Standard setter seeks to unify power, wired, wireless LANs

One ring main to rule them ail

Asus Eee PC 1015PEM

ReviewThe last ride of the netbook?

How GCHQ keeps tabs on FOI requestors

Are widely available IT docs really a 'national security' matter?

Froyo snuggles into cosy Nook

Cheapo Android tablet on the horizon?

'Blitzer' railgun already 'tactically relevant', boasts maker

US Navy preps flyswatter for Muscovite 'Mosquito'

Zuckerberg beats Assange to claim Person of the Year™

Boy droid defeats leaky lag

Symantec adds file resource management

Weeding the landslide

Brussels quizzes UK on school kiddyprinting

This will hurt us more than it hurts you, Cameron minor

Everything Everywhere ponders discrimination by packet

Some packets are more equal than others

Yahoo! search! stuffed! with! FILTH!

Disgruntled insider smutbomb sabotage?

Google targets Internet Explorer shops with Chrome admin controls

Chrome IE retooled for business

World of Warcraft bot ban ticks off world of critics

AnalysisGlider crash, DMCA power grab, you name it

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