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9th > December > 2010 Archive

Novell slaps iPhone interface on cloud control kit

Jobsian remote console

Salesforce wants some Ruby love

Dreamforce 2010$212m goes a long way

LaCie XtremKey all-terrain USB flash drive

ReviewFreeze it, cook it, dunk it, thump it

Feds seek 'compliance program' for US kit reseller

Company fingered in e-fencing case; 2 men face jail

Sprint CEO admits WiMAX gamble didn't pay off

Great statements of the obvious

Has Seagate added a 1TB SFF drive to its Constellation?

Hard drive maker plays catch-up with WD's Scorpio Blue

Apple patches QuickTime to root out 15 ugly vulns

Press and hold that bug spray can, baby

World of diamonds bigger than the Ritz discovered

Strange carbon mountains of farflung planet

Microsoft wins tasty US federal gov agency cloud contract

This time Google gets gripey

Google Voice brings expectation management to Santa 2.0

Letters are so 20th Century

Lost ancient civilisation's ruins lie beneath Gulf, says boffin

'Oldest boat' perhaps used by Garden of Eden refugees

iPad-smuggling women pinched in China

How many iPhones can you stick up your jumper?

Donkey Kong Country Returns

ReviewGreat apes

Nick Cave smashes speed camera with Jag

Microscopic cog in a catastrophic van plan

E-book reader demand boom near

Fahrenheit 451

Three bumps up mobile broadband contract charge

You did read the small print, didn't you?

Bloated US patent holder sues 9 tech companies

Intellectual Ventures files lawsuits against McAfee, Symantec, Hynix, world...

Death of ID card scheme left £6.5m of kit going begging

Should it plug a budget hole or a landfill hole?

Visa approves wireless payment chip

Two phones approved to surf the payWave

PARIS concocts commemorative cocktail

NSFD *Readers invited to name high-altitude beverage

Facebook boydroid to hand over theoretical riches to charity

It's like Bill Gates2.0 – the movie!

Anonymous hackers' Wikileaks 'infowar' LATEST ROUNDUP

DDoS bombardment spreads: Op Payback to spare Twitter

Dell and Compellent are exclusive

They are talking about a business marriage

Lock and load: Birmingham launches gunfire location IT

Hot shotspotting in the city

Wikileaks whistle-blower: Where's the money, Julian?

Bradley Manning fund hasn't got a penny

Cupid Wings iPhone stand

Txt TakeFor lovers - and worshippers at the Church of Jobs

Redstor schools the cloud with EMC's ATMOS

The best box and API for the job

ICO makes mincemeat of nativity data protection piffle

Parents can take pics of their kids. Sing hosanna!

Call of Duty DDoS attack police arrest teen

Manc boy nicked after score-boosting attack on fellow gamers

Amazon Kindles cash from Wikileaks

UpdatedWon't host the leaked cables but will sell them

Apple turns to Intel for low-end laptop graphics

Mole alleges snub for Nvidia

Google morphs Gmail into Microsoft backup service

Backup today. Flee Redmond tomorrow

WikiLeaks supporters milk Twitter API in DDoS attacks

Hacking 2.0

Flame throwing Apache flees Oracle's Java group

Updated'You failed us and everybody else'

Canonical COO jumps clear after 10 months

Asay preps SproutCore and HTML5 future

Google 'open' to Chrome Web Store without the Chrome bit

Fashions browser agnostic 'installable' web apps

Dutch police arrest 16-year-old WikiLeaks avenger

The first, but probably not the last

MokaFive does VDI for Windows 7

3.0 release adds multi-tenancy, embedded security

Google 'Crankshaft' inspired by Sun Java HotSpot

Bak to 'adaptive compilation'

Steve Ballmer proposed $15bn Facebook acquisition

Walk of shame with Zuckerberg

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