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29th > November > 2010 Archive

The Mac that saved Apple (and Steve Jobs)

This Old BoxDeep inside the Bondi Blue

WikiLeaked US cables link China to Google hack

Clinton ordered surveillance of UN leadership

Monster iPad Case Test: The Rest

Product Round-upBags of... well... bags

Monster iPad Case Test: Skins and Hard Cases

Product Round-upSilicone specials

Monster iPad Case Test: Slipcases

Product Round-upSlide it in

Monster iPad Case Test: Folios

Product Round-upWallet keep my tablet protected?

Yes! It's the Reg Hardware Mass iPad Case Test

Product Round-up46 cases reviewed and rated

Aussies want compo for bank fail

Computer says doh!

Pirate Bay appeal failure spawns more DoS attacks

Revenge of Anonymous

Symbian Foundation shuts up (virtual) shop

Last one out, turn off the lights

Apple says no to Android-oriented iPad mag


Vodafone offers free mobile broadband in Europe

All roads lead to roam

Oz bank meltdown due to file corruption cock-up

IBM mainframe upgrade downer

Leslie Nielsen dead at 84

No longer at risk of being called Shirley

Lone hacker theory in Wikileaks DDoS attack

UpdatedWell obviously it was TEH GOVERNMENTS etc

Phoenix on track for decent year

Revenues and profits up

I was timeboxed in a holistic scrum

StobMore lithe than agile

An iPad for under 200 quid*

*You'd be throwing in your soul, of course

Inventor only entitled to share of employer's actual patent earnings

Court of Appeal rules on 1984 gadget case

FCO spends £39m with HP

Fat slice of pie

Wikileaks exposes Clinton's cyberspy wish-list

Ban Ki-moon-on-a-stick

Sharp launches Galapagos tablets

Magical and evolutionary?

Mozilla rages at MS, Apple and Google's 'trojan horse' tactics

Shove your plug-ins where the sun don't shine

US woman @theashes stumped by cricketing tweets

What the hell is a wicket?

UK services still shrinking

Some small hope for tech spending though

Has Wikileaks run out of secrets?

CommentJulian - this lot's rubbish

Symbian's Secret History: The battle for the company's soul

Part TwoHow Nokia took charge, and never let go

RIM recruits tester for NFC hardware

Confirms its lack of foolishness

LaCie slips in Superspeed USB hub


Dubya to speak his mind at Facebook event

'A leadership is someone who brings people together'

Canada steps closer to legalising sex work

While UK tiptoes a bit further away

LHC boffins turn lead into quarko-gluotic Big Bang incrediblo-stuff

Particle-pummelling primordial plasma pulchritude

Analyst cuts PC sales forecast, blames iPad

Consumers buying tablets, making computers last longer

Wikileaks: Berlusconi useless, Pope Catholic

Shock 'revelations' shake western democracies

Asus prices up note-taking Eee reader

£175 inc VAT, anyone?

What is the point of End Point Protection?

How we should be protecting our PCs

Feds seize 70 'filesharing, dodgy goods' sites

UpdatedGimme that

Mellanox gobbles up Voltaire for $218m

Network consolidation for fun and profit

Iran admits cyberattack hit nuke programme

Imadinnerjacket's centrifuges unspun

Oracle erects mystery Sparc SuperCluster

'World record database performance'

Empire Strikes Back director Kershner dies at 87

A great disturbance in the Force

Researcher warns of iPhone phishing peril

Blame Mobile Safari's scrolling address bar

Supremes to hear Microsoft's Word appeal

$290m and a franchise on the line

WikiLeaks re-taunts feds with US Amazon mirrors

'Hey Pentagon, we're using your own software'

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