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26th > November > 2010 Archive

WTF is... up with e-book pricing?

Price rises coming

Gamers demand CoD: Black Ops money back

PS3 version not up to snuff, it's claimed

Stuxnet code leak to cause CYBER-APOCALYPSE NOW!

Get a grip, Sky News

Brussels talks clouds and privacy

Steely Neelie warns on security

Regional accent read-outs coming to satnavs

Rind and rind the rindabite

EU Parliament backs ACTA with few reservations

Still need more clarity though

Dutch twaddle-prof lambasts Google Scholar

Not very scholarly to rank academic articles by popularity...

Monarchist marks fall for faux royal wedding ticket site

Now that's what I call a commemorative mug

Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010

Golden Vutures and Rusty DodosName names

Ofcom slaps down ham botherer

Drive-by signal jammer closed down

YouTube shakes hands with French artists

Signs content deal with three royalty collectors

BOFH: Pain fear games

Episode 18It's an austere year ahead - let's get festive

Gamble to win and lose... and win

Taking cash from bookies: Part II

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

Reg quizEl Reg pits radioheads against each other in new compo

Hacked Twitter spreads false Tsunami warning

Indonesian gov advisor's account used for badness

Secunia recovers from DNS redirection hack

Serial scamp strikes again

Start-up pitches low-cost no-glasses 3D for iPad

Stereoscopy on the cheap

Filthy PCs: The X-rated circus of horrors

Ventblockers IIGrotesque dust creatures and mummified frogs

Pirate Bay verdict: Three operators lose appeal

Prison sentences reduced but fines jacked up

Android out-runs Windows Phone 7 on price comparison site

A lazy fortnight

ISPs under pressure to control online porn

Minister thinks of the children

Virgin skins up Tivo box

UI sneak peek

'Mad captain' sole entrant in Vodafone compo

Arrr! Third world women, your pirate champion has arrived

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

ReviewStreets ahead?

'Looking and acting like an employee' didn't make him one

Agency worker not an employee, rules Court of Appeal

Yes! It's the Reg Top 5 FUTURISTIC GUNS Thanksgiving Roundup!

Backpack raygun, portable artillery piece and MUCH MUCH MORE

Pushing service delivery beyond the enterprise boundary

WorkshopNo more need for delivery managers? Pah!

Payback orders for eBay squaddie

'Naive' ex-quartermaster sold traceable MoD-issue gear online

Pure Twilight DAB/FM radio and dawn simulator

ReviewMoodlight serenade

Seagate DeLorean: World's priciest hard drive?

$250 for 500... gigawatts?!?

Reg hack tickled by Kent schoolgirl

Hot custard cream action

Microsoft and Attachmate were not Novell's destiny

Open...and ShutBig bets, brass balls, and other lost assets

Europe's broadband bird goes up tonight

Filling in the not-spots

Petabyte-chomping big sky telescope sucks down baby code

Beyond the MySQL frontier

Fanboi primer: How to move your iTunes from PC to Mac

Step-by-step instructions for Jobsian surrender

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