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24th > November > 2010 Archive

HTC inks patent pact with Myhrvold's Intellectual Ventures

AKA Intellectual Vultures

SAP ordered to pay Oracle $1.3bn

Drop-your-pants time (again)

Woman admits she helped sell bogus chips for military gear

China inside

Numascale brings big iron SMP to the masses

SC10The NUMA NUMA song

Apache open sourcers welcome Google's unwanted Wave

Mountain View orphan finds home

Nokia X3 Touch and Type

ReviewCandybar sweetener

Fujitsu in deal with Northern Ireland beaks

£37.4m for five years' NI courts ICT service

Giffgaff shudders to a halt

The people's network cuts off the people

Android flaw poses drive-by data slurp risk

There's no patch for it, so users should take care

Isilon may stay on Seattle scene

OpinionEMC plans to run it as an 'arm's length' division (allegedly)

Immigration caps won't touch tech transfers

£40k+ out-of-towners can stay for 5 years

HMRC excise tracking to go online

Paper ditched in attempt to thwart fraud

Now Oz to ban online cigarette ads

Or to ban internet deals for cheap smokes ... we're not sure

MP wants age verification for net smut

Are you 18? Well, fine, but you're still a mucky little pup

Rogue apps 'worst Facebook feed malware baddies'

Bonus extras will eff up your feed

Apple I goes for twice the price of an Enigma

Turing papers still going begging

Dell Duo to debut in December

Netbook-cum-tablet UK launch date posted

Sex abuse fax leak costs council £100k

Information Commissioner flexes new powers

YES! It's the twists-in-midair FALLING GECKO ROBOT!

Long awaited squamato-tumblewrithe tech debuts at last

Location-based advertising grows up

AnalysisShooting the mobile messenger

Kids want Santa to bring iPads not consoles

Teenagers more discerning

Of Kuwait and DSLR cameras

The ban that wasn't

Qualcomm Mirasol color e-ink set for CES demo

Video-friendly e-book screen's first public showing

Parent-thwarting bypass tool takes kids to internet badlands a doorway to survey scams and other nasties

Where is Compellent's technology going?

Primary dedupe and synchronous Live Volume, it seems

Fugitive tech CEO settles backdating case with SEC for $53m

Now can I come home from Namibia?

Sony qicks off Qriocity streaming service

Qnnection to internet recuired

Toyota Auris hybrid e-car

ReviewTown and out in a Prius-powered hatchback

Boris bikes for all from next week

Casual cyclists are go...

Pentagon braces for Wikileaks' diplomatic dump

Mass of classified comms expected

Unarmed Royal Navy T45 destroyer breaks down mid-Atlantic

'Always a few snags in early days years'

Pumpkin pie could prompt Thanksgiving sexual free-for-all

Black licorice, doughnuts also fingered as sexual stimulants

How I used Space Shuttle tech to insulate the living room

Radical DIY with space gel

Privacy-protecting social network opens up

Facebook for humans - by invitation only

App maker asks $600 for BlackBerry bling

Shine on, you crazy diamond

iPads improve image of IT industry

Gawd help us all

SeeSaw offers ads-free catch-up telly

And now a word from our sponsor... NOT

NHS enables Facebook to track surfers on health info website

Privacy experts say 'ick, germs'

USA to bin colour-code terror warning system - report

'There can only be shades of grey' says UK top cop

Boffins bring us one step closer to a quantum network

One small step for storage; one giant leap for mankind

Opera Mobile 10.1 lands 'Carakan' engine on Symbian

As the web's most valuable secret reaches 76 million users

Heavenly server kit open sources moist turkey plug-in

Sysadmin ThanksgivingBacon, oranges, and GitHub

Apple accused of iPhone ban on 'all single-station radio apps'

UpdateCompany claims beef with single developer

Windows 0day allows malicious code execution

Potential 'nightmare'

Xbox modder can't claim fair use, says judge

'FU' gets new meaning

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