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23rd > November > 2010 Archive

Google sued for scanning emails of non-Gmail users

Electronic Communications Privacy Act violation alleged

Facebook homes in on world of Google

'Let me be your homepage. In so very many ways'

Ubuntu's Shuttleworth lands luxury NY crash pad

24-hour Natty Narwhal service

Google plays coy on Chrome OS

By year end, you'll get...details

Kingston HyperX Max USB 3.0 128GB external drive

ReviewSSD on the go

Murdoch buys into education

Digger does schools software

'Phantom Ray' robot warjet to ride atop NASA shuttle-carrier 747

Go west, young autonomous low-observable weapons system

Facebook user locked out of account even with ID

Your name's not down, you're not coming back in

DfE spent £113.8m with Capita last year

Gov now publishes every item of spending above £25,000 online

iPAD, KINDLE, all tablets and slablets MADE OBSOLETE

Boffins produce disposable e-paper, made of actual paper

Google boosts Bletchley's Turing papers bid

Hands out $100k wad to save the papers for the nation

US man slips into perv scanner-busting undies

Tungsten fig leaves invite drooling TSA operatives to cop a feel

O2 outs liars and philanderers with live status feed

I know you can hear me now

Most coders have sleep problems, need 'hygiene and care'

'Special needs', 'poor mental health' in engineer survey

Buffy to slay her way back into cinemas

Another 're-imagining' of cult character

How to... print wirelessly from your iDevice

ReviewAirPrint enabler utilities reviewed

Martha pushes online government as DirectGov CEO pushes off

Lane Fox demands 'digital champion with sharp teeth'

Network card rootkit offers extra stealth

Sneaky reverse engineering

China-inspired charity aims to sex-down society

This will solve all our problems

Apple MacBook Air 11.6in sub-notebook

ReviewThe beauty and the boast

Scottish botnet master jailed for 18 months

Controlling the net from mum's front room

Symbian, The Secret History: Dark Star

Part OneHow it almost never set sail

Storage biggies lining up to buy Seagate?

CommentNew York Post gets excited

Overland back on the NASDAQ ropes

Delisting threat comes back

Mature mechanoid meanders into museum

Recognition for UK robotics pioneer

Ovi discovers the price of popularity

Signing process goes titsup due to traffic snarliness

Latest military-research boon: Game interface to rule them all

May possibly involve becoming disembodied head in jar

Asus sidesteps tablets, debuts e-reader-cum-jotter

Take note

How I invented Desktop Publishing

Well, OK. Me, and a thousand others

Sony readies Reader e-book app for iPhone

Coming to Android too

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

ReviewTaking the hit

German zoo separates gay vulture couple

Enforced reorientation provokes 'right carrion'

Ford secrets thief caught red handed with stolen blueprints

Was moving to China, now he faces 5 to 6 years in US jail

Casualty of Web 2.0: Directgov CEO job in doubt

'Sharp teeth' claim first victim

Turing papers could be saved after auction fail

Reserve not met...

Scareware scammers booby-trap worried Koreans

Mean black-hatters poison Korean language search terms for border clash

ZT Systems boots eight-node Ubuntu ARM server

Can't wait for the Cortex-A15 insists e-petitions won't be ditched

Dave says one thing, Cabinet Office another

Facebook royal rant bishop suspended

Out on his republican ear 'until further notice'

Motorola drags Microsoft to ITC, says Xbox infringes its patents

Redmond: 'You can't, we dragged you there first'

Elon Musk's SpaceX gets unique commercial re-entry licence

Feds issue permit chit for Pacific Dragon splashdown

Acer takes on iPad with Android, Flash, own UI

Tablet trio introduced

Acer replaces laptop keyboard with multi-touch LCD

Dual-screen... er... 'touchbook' debuts

Opera 11 goes beta with extensions, stacked tabs

Anything Firefox can do...

Attachmate: Novell's openSUSE project is 'safe'

Hawn is no Ellison

Lawsuit says Facebook plunders user names, photos

Seeks $1m for (alleged) Friend Finder sins

Jumpin' Meerkats! Ubuntu moving to daily downloads?

UpdatedSix months is for your dad

Google advertisers howl over 'sudden quality score drop'

Second howl in four weeks

Browser add-on updated to slaughter Firesheep

HTTPS Everywhere: the missing protection

Google 'sacked Apple pioneer over leaked Schmidt memo'

Woz pal booted, says report

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