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19th > November > 2010 Archive

Yahoo! Connected TV to open paid app store

Calling! all! money! hungry! coders!

Open source Drupal takes Gardens path to big business

Open..and ShutOne per cent of the web. And beyond

Platform Computing doubles up cluster management

Bigger grids, same price, and GPUs too

Apple files patent for iPad weight loss

More fiber in the diet

Top Ten Arcade Classics

Product Round-upShinryuken! Feel my burning vigour!

Content 'made available' in jurisdiction where server is located

It's not about where it's read, says High Court

Can NetApp catch up with EMC?

Maybe seven quarters are all that's needed

Who could buy Compellent?

OpinionCisco could, if it wanted to blow its EMC relationship to kingdom come

Chinese bride sentenced to hard labour for retweet

Wedding day arrest for anti-Japanese message

Rim PlayBook to hit UK in Q2 2011

Yanks get $500 tablet in Q1

IBM's tools give Big Data a good seeing to

Company shares nothing but Hadoop and GPFS

Christians vs metalheads in FB flame war

Catholics shut down 'Black Mass' metal festival

NASA's new 'Bullet' airship to fly from Moffett Field

Uses tech from US Navy's zeppelin aircraft carriers

The Economist publishes iPad app

Free-trade tablet

DWP spreads IT spending around

Proportionately less work dished out to two biggest suppliers

Court orders naming of celeb phone hack hacks

News of the Whom

Street View hits 20 German cities

Partial surrender to Google's all-seeing eye

BOFH: Look out!

Episode 17In BOFH office, squeaky wheel greases you

Vodafone warns investors of rival spoilers

The end of all-you-can-eat

Foxconn hit by worker protests

Tech industry's favourite manufacturer

A Linux server OS that's fiddly but tweakable

ReviewClearOS gives 'enablers' more control

Shell's London office UNDER WATER and besieged by GIANT EELS

Oil giant's riverside office now part of the river

MS security tool interferes with Chrome and Adobe updates

Nanny software niggles nixed

Three 'human hotspots' hand out free Wi-Fi

MiFi marketing malarkey

Angry Birds struggle to take on Androids

While Adobe chalks up another victory

Dell's storage strategy has a hole to fill

CommentEqualLogic's unequal status

PCI Express 3.0 spec sneaks out

Shush, members only

New RAF transport plane is 'Euro-w*nking makework project'

Gov refuses to admit what we'll pay for toss A400M

Why Microsoft is Acorn and Symbian is the new CP/M

OpinionToday's phones are just like '80s computers

Chinese retailers sell Apple-only white iPhone 4s

How many did Apple make - and how many leaked out?

Super Meat Boy

ReviewPlay for high steaks

Anti-bullying charity demands more laws on cyber-bullying

Beats up on existing offences

New owner slips into unwitting BoJo's domain

Mayor loses campaign site to domainer

Maude: Gov contracts 'made my eyes water'

Sloppy senior ministers don't know what they're signing

Wiseguy ticket scalpers used botnets to outwit Captchas

Badfellas bust a captcha in your (super)dome

Anti-piracy lawyers 'knowingly targeted the innocent', says law body

Watchdog howls at 'revenue-generating scheme'

Google to scrub slurped UK Wi-Fi data

'Significant achievement', trumpets Information Commissioner

Amazon launches book gifting service

As sure as there's a 'X' in 'Christmas'

DHS airport spooks stalk star hacker

Why are the feds trailing Moxie Marlinspike?

iPad apps: the 10 smartest and 10 stupidest

From the sublime to the 'WTF?'

Oracle names date for next Java

(Nearly) nothing can stop us

Apple preps CDMA-GSM 'World iPad'?

Plus skinniness and video chat

Adobe (finally) adds security sandbox to Reader

Locking down widely exploited app

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