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18th > November > 2010 Archive

Amazon man: 'Clouds will juice hardware spend'

Salesforce boss: 'Larry Ellison is annoying'

Twitter man: Tweet ad demand exceeds supply

'Twad math looks good'

Whitehat cracks notorious rootkit wide open

ZeroAccess no more

Palm Pixi Plus budget smartphone

ReviewPhone gnome

Ofcom sets out mega-auction timetable

No 4G until 2014

Virgin demands ISPs end broadband speed 'con'

We say, put your own house in order first, Virgin

Capita says gov cuts hit hard

Osborne's bell tolls for reseller

Facebook message security risks 'open door to Web 2.0 botnet'

Nowhere is safe! Nowhere!

India claims RIM data deal, again

Canadians remain silent

Violin uses Gear6 tech to make super-fast arrays

'Ang on Avere, we're back in a flash

Swedish prosecutors seek Assange arrest

UpdatedRape questions for Wikileaks man

Qualcomm outs dual-core ARM-based, LTE-capable pad chip

28nm die-shrink for 4x graphics boost, 5x speed jump

Google Docs finally goes mobile

But only for Froyo and iOS devices

Hasbro unleashes 'Spastic' Transformer

Cunning stunticons toy won't be sold in UK, unsurprisingly

Easynet blames network collapse on dodgy router update

Overnight fix

Windows malware dominates Mac malware detection chart

Sophos clean-up tool IDs carriers and rare Mac Trojans

Has CERN made the VATICAN ANTIMATTER BOMB for real?*

Physicists in veiled threat to gov funding bodies

Microsoft pings first Office 2010 service pack beta at testers

UpdatedPrivate viewings only for now

Google signs French book deal

Les livres sont libérés!

A young and pretty Linux server OS that takes a bit of work

ReviewZentyal 2: like Ubuntu, with bits on

iPhone 4 gets slide-out keyboard

Clip-on Apple-to-HTC conversion

ViewSonic tempts tablet triers with cash-for-kit deal

Old netbooks exchanged for £££s

Bill Gates oils up Microsoft's Lync product

Beam me up, Steve

GSMA opens the way for Apple SIM

Operators roll over for Jobsian tummy-tickle

'Plastic surgeon' cuffed for in bar boob checks

Not a doctor, not South African. Seems to be a woman

Samsung SF310 13.3in notebook

ReviewFashion victim?

Internet Explorer 9 preview thinks inside box, outside browser

Getting into the guts of the PC, one web page at a time

Dirty PCs: How much filth can you take?

Ventblockers IIThe horror, the horror

BlueArc boosting itself

On a roll

DARPA: Hypersonic strato-ship crackup was no biggie

Preps second Shuttle-envelope-buster for 2011

LIDL punts circular saw blades to innocent kiddies

'Great for snuggling or playing with'

Sweden to issue international arrest warrant for Assange

Interpol called in

Brits say 'no, no, no' to 3D TV

Rest of Europe cries 'non', 'nein', 'nee', etc too

Oracle whacked by DoJ complaint

'Shabby treatment' of Sun customers must stop

German 'hacker' uses rented computing to crack hashing algorithm

UpdatedBrute force PAYG hack attack cracks SHA1 hashes – for $2

Unlucky for some: sold for $13m

California bankruptcy court orders sale

Google Apps offer 'full spectrum' of Google services

You get it all. Except extra phone support

Verizon revives Microsoft's unhappy hipster phone

Smart no more

Mozilla millions still 86% Google cash

Mountain View sugar daddy tax audit rolls on

iAds to flood UK iPhones, iPads

Apple 'a pain to deal with'

Valley open-source star swallowed by Black Duck

Pulling power ain't what it used to be

Dell profits rise 144%

Consumer sales the only laggard

Google charges feds $25 a head for user surveillance

Microsoft charges zilch

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