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17th > November > 2010 Archive

Yahoo! preps build-your-own-dynamic-website service

'The science of web technology' can be yours

NY youth makes $130k selling real(-ish) white iPhone 4s

Inevitable legal letter arrives

Convey upgrades hybrid core supercomputer

SC10Drop-in FPGA upgrade

Zuckerberg admits fallibility over Gmail block

'But you must understand: I believe in OPENNESS'

Synology DiskStation DS411+ Nas box

ReviewDual core storehouse

British children gorge on Net diet

Facebook or family time? No contest!

DiData stares down the recession

Sales, profits up

Sony teases with lens-switch camcorder prototype

E-mount compact shooter for pros

Google Voice gets going on iPhone

Everywhere is local, if you're an American

Easynet network goes titsup

UpdatedCustomers tweet their fury

iPod accessories incoming

Add-ons for your Nano and Shuffle

UK weakens supervision of Data Protection Act

OpinionBills could remove Info Commissioner's independence

Indies walk out on eMusic

Beggars, Domino desert download service

Panasonic pitches monster 3D plasma TV at monster price

Big living room, bigger wallet required

Blogger faces terror charges for 'naming MPs'

Don't tell 'em about Hansard or TheyWorkForYou

Facebook bug sin-bins female users

Spam abuse system pops a gasket

DVD, BD retailers warn punters off non-DVD, BD Xmas gifts

Remember, a video retail association is not just for Christmas

Speak geek: The world of made-up language

Pointy ears, bumpy foreheads and obscure tongues

Linux servers for Windows folk: go on, give it a bash

A piece of cake – even for non open-saucy types

Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet

ReviewShrunken slate or fat phone?

Hackers hop onto royal engagement search results

Malwarey Middleton meddling by miscreants

A Linux server OS that's had 11 years to improve

Review:Is SME Server ready to roll?

Isis joins battle for control of your wallet

Operators vs banks in NFC cash-snatch death match

Virgin opens kimono, flashes box

Glimpse of stocking filler

Ballmer, Gates won't slice up Microsoft

Steve's 'genetic makeup' doesn't like the 'dis-synergy'

i365 needles VAR channel

Giving VARs a way into cloud backup

What will Google do with NFC?

Wave it at Cupertino, or take on Visa... ignores 'net neutrality' campaigners

Fast lanes coming

Royal Wedding: Prince Charles is a ZX81, Wills is an iPad

One ruined young lives, the other is shiny on top

Chinese ISP hijacked US military, gov web traffic

BGP wakeup call still not sounded

Google chucks personal ratings to the Hotpot

Yelp, only more creepy

Adobe update tackles PDF peril

Quick patch to stop hack smack attacks

Hey kids, wanna build your own Vulture 1?

Click here for hot plans of famous space plane

HMV offers 80-quid colour e-book reader

'Rubber style finish'

Police-baiting website Fitwatch returns

Back and fitter than ever - not that it ever really went away

Microsoft spooks software customers about dangerous pirates

Warning: They look just like the rest of us!

Adaptive Computing speaks better GPU with Moab 6

SC10Torque is cheap

PopDrive and Bantam have a pop at RDX

Potshot at industry leader ProStor

Apple adds ex-Northrop exec to board

Sugar to sweeten Jobsian investment portfolio?

Oracle Java submission hastens Apache showdown

Two weeks and counting

Microsoft has a BLAST with Azure clouds

SC10Petaflops barrier also broken

FBI top-brass ask Google, Facebook to expand wiretaps

Mr. Mueller goes to Silicon Valley

Na'vi on your sat-navatar

Plug in your tail and off you go

Will Facebook target ads across the interwebs?

Zuckerberg on Eric Schmidt's ad nightmare

Oracle sues partner after multiple break-ins

Third time's the charm for hapless remanufacturer

US may disable all in-car mobile phones

Transportation boss: 'It will be done'

Oracle ships Solaris 11 Express

Solaris 11 for the impatient

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