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12th > November > 2010 Archive

Yahoo! to! ax! 10%! of! product! staff! says! report!

Irving arm under ax

'Superb' Apple 1 on the block for £100k-£150K

Forgotten Tech1976 Jobs garage tech can be yours

Memo to Microsoft: don't bet against Amazon

Open...and ShutPrivate clouds will roll over

RHEL 6: how much for your package?

Red Hat price bulge

Fanbois howl as OS X update bricks PGPed Macs

Disaster averted

Google: Oracle doctored that 'copied Java code'

'And, by the by, Android wasn't built by Google'

Pioneer XW-NAV1 iPod dock and AV centre

ReviewMedia frenzy

Panasonic Pure Line TX-L37D28 37in LCD TV

ReviewLooks a picture

ICO insists on scrutiny for laws invading privacy

Er, isn't that the ICO's job?

Location, location: Storage controller functions get moving

OpinionShove it in the server, or bung it in the array?

Plods scrap crap stealth spy blimp

It kept falling down the stairs in bad weather, guv

Apple plugs iTunes Ping into Twitter

Ah go on go on go on

Sky confirms UK Online closure

UK Offline

Kinect hacked for OS X

Irony value high: motion tech first offered to Mac maker

MS hits back in Security Essentials row

It's all opt-in, so what's the beef?

Microsoft looks to KIN for support

Desperation or shelf-clearing?

Dell 'Streak 2' to get 5in HD display, dual-core CPU

Mole spills beans

Gov and telcos in Aussie wiretap death match

'Wiretaps are fine. You are wrong, wrong, wrong!'

BOFH: BOFH vs Bot: Ultimate Smackdown

Episode 16Sacrifice is nice

Google's social 'problem' doesn't involve building Facebook rival

Dead leaves on the dirty ground

Beeb to show unseen interview with Dr Who theme creator

Delia Derbyshire remembered

IBM's cloudy object vision stoked by EU

Eurocrats fund IBM-led development

Elgato gadget to stream Freeview direct to iPad

Just awaiting iOS 4.2

iPhone users are sad and mentally unfocused

Many fondle-slabbers doleful even during jig-jig

Robot wars break out on poker sites

Poachers, gamekeepers and game theory

Airport security boss calls time on tech

Old school intelligence, not new school stupidity

China faces million-strong zombie phone horde

Leading the world in mobile malware

Reduced growth forces Sophos to shed 80 jobs

Second round of job losses after a weak first half

Xbox Kinect costs just £35 to build

Cheap as chips

Chicago officer beats off dildo-wielding bill-skipper

Crab Shack mock cock cop attack shock

MoD battles copycat hackers

Military targeted after TinKode gets in the news

Nintendo readies 'limited edition' Mario Kart Wii pack

Celebrates 25-year-old game by bundling 18-year-old game

Apple, Oracle air-kiss their way to OpenJDK deal for Mac OS X

No tongues, please

Black Ops sets record sales figures

Haul of duty

Hasty legislation will make a mess of Europe's 'right to be forgotten'

OpinionThe ethics of online deletion

Security pros fail to get a grip on meaty bot

Lethic spam package uses Stuxnet nuke nobbler cert ploy

Facebook joins Apple and Google in data center wonderland

Follow the tax breaks

Palin email hacker gets 366 days in custody

Prison or halfway house

Samsung's Android tablet: split and eviscerated

Inside the wannabe 'iPad killer'

3D printers, one-dimensional enemies

Copy cats

Overland secures fresh funds

Signs of uptick as data protection vendor gets cash injection

Feds may tighten privacy protections

'Do-not-track' mulled

Microsoft coaches NoSQL options for Azure cloud

MongoDB. Memcached. MariaDB?

Woman charged with stealing nude pics of baseball star

...from Playboy Bunny's email account

Facebook set to unveil 'Gmail killer'

'Zuckerbergian email with Microsoft hooks'

RHEL 6: serious Linux built for growth

ReviewExcitement? We've heard of it

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