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8th > November > 2010 Archive

Linux life savers for paranoid penguins

Best of LinuxWhen one safety net isn't enough

Steve Jobs chucks Apple server biz from pram

CommentXServe bites the dust. And so much more

Dell to double enterprise sales by 2014

More partner deals, more R&D

Google Chrome OS: unlike Android, it's open source

The code's already there. If anyone wants it

Garmin Nüvi 3790T satnav

ReviewPocket-friendly satnav

Caravan-swiping suspect spotted on Street View

Do you know this bald man?

Laptops heat up your balls

Expensive spermicide

Symantec under pressure to split up?

Activist investors getting active

Equality Act flaw 'undermines compromise agreements'

Outside lawyer requirement makes things tougher for employers

Exploit toolkit latches onto IE flaw

Whorey Eleonore puts it about a bit

Toshiba outs and touts mSata SSDs

Dimm-style drives for MacBook Air etc

USB fanboys teased with 16-port hub

Handy hardware - or example of tech art?

Cisco converts Welsh rugby stadium to HD

Fans at the venue get big screen action

Former student jailed for US political hack attacks

Zombiemaster used botnet to gag conservative talking heads

Canadian boffins make blood from human skin, put it into mice

And this time, the mice didn't die! New therapies ahead

StumbleUpon adds apps to its recommendation list

Everyone else liked it!

EC lobs grenades at copyright's Ancien Régime

Move over, old men

Ballmer cuts stake in Microsoft with shares sale

'Excited... fully committed' and not going anywhere

NetApp pushes FlexPods at data centres

Product partnership to hit data centres' sweet spots

Cameron promises a 'right to data'

Calls time on Whitehall's secrecy culture

NetApp slips into some fresh arrays

Mid-range and high-end replaced

Police get ready for body parts audit

Gruesome evidence to be catalogued

Nexus One to get Gingerbread OS?

Twittermill chews over rumours

Don't let China hold rare-earths to ransom again

OpinionThere's plenty to go around if we're clever

Security major strops over MS free scanner auto-downloads

Get off our lawn

Apple MacBook Air 13in late 2010

ReviewBoots in a flash, but you'll need a lot of cash

GCHQ goes Google

Net spies turn to MapReduce

3 starts killing off 2G coverage

Orange schmorange

Hadron Collider switches to heavy ions, tinfoilers wet pants again

Also: Reg hack in large-red-button LHC control room incident

Roman 'Leatherman' spied on web

Multi-tools join sanitation, roads, the fresh water system, public health as stuff the Romans did for us

Government will shred ID card data

Hard disks and back-up tapes will be binned too

RockMelt browser slithers onto interwebs

Spills lava for Facebook socialites only

John Lewis pitches 80-quid colour e-book reader

No mention of the T-word

NetApp adds SSDs and 2.5-inch drives

But no automated data movement yet

Shhh... Opera holds the web's most valuable secret

Eric Schmidt's nightmare

Small biz doubts red tape claims

Politicians' promises, and other dreams

Australia claims it invented cutting-edge tech before rest of world

Chopper was the sharpest tool in the box

Promise roars into mid-range with Jasper Forest

A VTrak screamer

Hacker sinks Royal Navy website

SQL injection exploited by serial military site 'show-off' hacker

Harrods blings up Android tablet, quintuples price

If you need to ask... plans net surveillance by 2015

Snoop schedule

Nokia grabs control of Symbian, downsizes Foundation

Phut goes the ecosystem

Firefox extension detects FireSheep snoop software

Unleash the BlackSheep

Facebook serves '23% of all US display ads'

Lords over Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!...

Bank insiders charged in ZeuS cybercrime smackdown

Six more ID'd

iPhone glitch gets US fanbois up on wrong side of bed

Get your kludgy alarm-bug workaround here

Burglar cuffed after crime scene MySpace blunder

After thievery, remember to logout

Google punts free in-flight Wi-Fi for holiday travelers

'Have you noticed my Chrome?'

Microsoft floats Hyper-V iron cloud alliance

Server friends chip in

Cray's Q3 biz very unsuper

Livin' on a Q4 prayer

Ellison grilled on $4bn SAP 'theft' claim

Actual math meets mental math

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