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5th > November > 2010 Archive

Cellphone tower data protected by US Constitution

Seachange ruling

Ex-Red Hatters eye Larry's MySQL wobblers

Pg West 2010Lessons from Sun: back to PostgreSQL

Sinister scams 'sextort' social networkers

Mass nude pic trap

Why you can't move a mainframe with a cloud

CommentTime to get hybrid

Devil's dollars drive open source

Open...and ShutIrony, thy name is 'proprietary'

Gates matters more than Jobs, says Forbes

Larry Ellison? He doesn't matter at all

Extreme Networks boosts stackable GigE switches

Stack 'em up

Teufel System 8 THX Ultra 2 home cinema speakers

ReviewNow, where to put that 500W sub..?

Carphone shares jump on Best Buy news

Smartphones push earnings as CPW raises targets

Cloudfather withdraws after Isilon blows it

High price repels EMC

IE bug fix not included in light Patch Tuesday

Only one 'critical' patch – for Office for Windows

Nominet forgets what the first .uk domain name was

It was 25 years ago, but that's all we know

North Korean PDA hits shelves

20th Century arrives north of border

Assange could claim Swiss asylum

Info pimpernel goes cuckoo?

Hackers v defenders in pan-Euro cyber security exercise

Critical online service stress tested by simulated assault

Apple signs Xserve death warrant

Serve from a Mac instead, says Mac maker

BOFH: You just can't go around killing people

Episode 15What do you mean why? 'Cause you can't

007 Blood Stone

ReviewA view to a thrill?

ConDems launch Tech Blueprint

Reviews all round

Plastic plod used police database to find dates

Well, Soulmates is quite expensive

PC World, Currys open online app stores

Brought to netbook

PARIS joins the 17-mile-high club

Aerial mission photos for your viewing pleasure

Microsoft gives F# an Apache 2.0 boost with code drop

Visual Studio programming language now (slightly more) freed up

HP pockets half of all Scottish development cash

£7m to create 721 jobs

Ofcom explains the not in the not-spot

It's money, not NIMBYs, that stops us calling

US smartphones – Once you’ve had Android there’s no going back

OpinionLooking to the future on the verge of 4G

Adobe Flash foils MacBook Air battery life

Uninstall Flash, get two more hours' runtime

WD and Xyratex discuss future tech roadmap for disk drives

Heat-assisted magnetic recording product could arrive by 2014

Windows 7 'I'm a PC' man quits Microsoft

'I'm a PC and I'm pissing off'

ZeuS miscreants offer up honeypot

Cybercrooks turn the table on researchers with fake interface

Brian Blessed booms for TomTom

'Beardy old me'

$8.9m poker prize up for grabs - humans only please

Why can't a bot play at this level?

Pentax X90 superzoom bridge camera

ReviewTelescopic sights

'Hippy' energy kingpin's electric Noddy-car in epic FAIL

CommentDale Vince bummed out in Clarkson bitchslap mishap

BBC iPlayer tips up at BlackBerry App store

Media morph

Scarlett Johansson unleashes voracious sexuality in steamy alien film

Hollywood star gets Under the Skin

Shops drop cost of CoD: Black Ops

Duty lowered in arms race

Dell dumps RIM, saves fortune

Staff clear pockets for porky Venue Pro sets

Reg Hardware Reviews Digest

The weekly round-up

US Army's new $0.5bn British airship will fly 'mid-next summer'

Still puny vs '30s zeppelins - Reg units analysis

Shuttle Discovery further delayed by leaky boil-off umbilical

Veteran ship wreathed in explosive gas

Clearwire cuts 15 per cent of staff

Praying for profits

Two 21-year-old ZBot mule suspects cuffed in Wisconsin

Pair were both on the FBI list

iTunes App Store sprouts 'Hall of Fame'

Criteria for inclusion? Unknown

Google snips Facebook's Gmail line

'You want our data? We get yours'

Boffins devise early-warning bot spotter

Conficker's Achilles Heel

US adds 151,000 October jobs

IT on the up

Disguised impostor clears international flight

'Unbelievable case of concealment'

Google in shock 'we serve ads' claim

Ad giant slaps ad label on search ads

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