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4th > November > 2010 Archive

PayPal rushes out patched iPhone app

Old one didn't detect spoof sites

Oracle beefs chips and I/O on x64 blades

Whither Opteron?

HP parries Ellison's 'industrial espionage' subpoena

Hides new CEO

Software engineer blogs own Starbucks wiretap

Firesheep theatre

Oracle 'friend' fails crucial Java leadership test

Rally returns Apache to power

Pure Oasis Flow weatherproof DAB and Internet radio

ReviewWaterproof streams, anyone?

First data fines on the way, says ICO

Half a million quid penalties prove ICO has teeth, says commissioner

Man arrested in Phones4U mansion raid

Plod collar suspect in Liverpool

Tesla scores $30m investment

Panasonic gets slice of 'leccy car maker

Orange bulks up SIM-only deals for people who text like a canary

And talk for Britain

'Mr Backup' tracks race for dedupe speed trial domination

Many-headed HYDRAstor wins

Samsung: we'll sell a million-plus Android tablets this year

Add it to the Tab

Western Digital lets iPad users peek at pix

Free MyBook drive app good for Android too

LG tablet to be flavoured with 'Honeycomb' Android

Asus skipping 'Gingerbread' too?

Data protection law 'should contain costs recovery for ICO'

Also link to privacy protection, says firm

SkyFire flees iTunes store

Angry Bird-buster just too darn successful

Pesky weather grounds Discovery

Earliest launch tomorrow for shuttle's swansong

Nuclear reaction: what's next in energy science?

InterviewWhat to expect now even tree-huggers love nukes

Ofcom clears deck for re-farming

Competition issues just evaporated

'Pervy' private chat case springs back into life

'Most significant obscenity case this century'

Europe demands right to be forgotten

Brussels lays ground rules for data protection

US census takers fight angry Americans for their data

They barely even vote. Why would they fill in a form?

MySpace quivers under News Corp axe

Social network site to be offed?

World's dumbest file-sharer guilty for third time

Everyone loses

Apple coughs to time zone problems

Now that the Americans are going to be hit

HTC forgets Norwegian alphabet

Where did the Ø go?

Acer outs mega-format media box

LAN and local content played on your TV

EPOXI set to give comet some stick

NASA spacecraft gaining on Hartley 2

Toshiba ships Folio Android tablet

Undercuts similar-size iPad by £100

Symbian rubbishes 'rebranding' reports

Brussels launches embedded gravy boat

What's next for the mobile UI?

Industry's wisest heads ponder. We take notes.

Teradata rides data analytics wave in Q3

Raising guidance for Q4

Apple MacBook Pro 17in Core i7 BTO notebook

ReviewThe anti-glare alternative

Brussels blocks UK from biometric superdatabase

Intelligence defeat for spooks

Bare breast ballot finds scant support in small US town

Pittsfield burghers stay covered up

Nathan Barleys to fill Olympic chasm - Cameron

Twitterati to save White Elephant?

US Cyber Command becomes 'fully operational'

Now witness the firepower

Apple vs Nokia not as wrapped up as it appears

ITC staff advice only applies to handful of patents

Europe attacks itself in cyber-warfare test

As OECD admits major security fail

Public sector tech jobs still plummeting

Another bad quarter

Clive Sinclair unveils 'X-1' battery pedalo bubble-bike

Impractical, underpowered: yet heavy and silly-looking

Yahoo! invites world of boffins into 4,000-node Hadoop cluster

Hello! Yahoo! is! a! tech! company!

Panasonic updates exchangeable-lens compact

DMC-GF2 debuts

Macs get USB 3.0 thanks to LaCie

Well, some Macs...

Ballmer, Bartz, Schmidt collide in London

CommentWestminster at centre of digital universe for seconds

Apple preps patch for MacBook Air screen snafus

My friend flicker

Deep space COMET FLYBY: First PICS

Empty NASA space bomber in recce pass against 2nd target

Netbooks: notebook evolved - or stunted throwback?

Heads or FailsDemand for tablets suggests the latter

Android wins devs' hearts and minds

Survey says: iPhone goes down in 2011

Forumware giant vBulletin sues ex-devs (again)

XenForo vows defeat of 'trade secrets' claim

Scroogle busted again after Google tweak

UpdatePrivate Google scraper on fourth life

Ex-Sun boss gives Ellison open source wedgie

Pg West 2010'You're a great capitalist, Larry'

Firefox 4 Android beta gets stomach stapled

Now with 60% less beef

Google's 'Instant' search engine goes mobile

Gets busy on Android, Jesus Phone

Apple's Mac App Store opens doors to devs

Welcome to the dictatorship

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